Saturday, June 30, 2012

My recent project


This is basically what my day - and all other days this week - has been about for me... spikey headbands! I've been sewing roses, cutting and gluing and cursing, while my fingertips have gradually turned into mean little bastards that scream when I kindly ask them to pick up something for me. But it's worth it! 

Is it weird that i find destroying my fingertips so much fun it's all I want to do for the rest of my life? Haha~

In the future I really wish I can work with something creative. I've always been a very stressed person, dashing about trying to do a hundred things at once, but when I'm drawing or sewing I sort of forget about everything else and just shut out everything else. Making these headbands is like a vacation to me!

Well, moving on. I'm putting the finishing touches on the first batch now, as you can see!

Two black and white ones are hanging on the back of a chair to my right drying as I'm writing this.

I plan to put six of them up for sale on (which has not opened yet, but that will be the address) at the end of next week, when my parents get back from Amsterdam and can drive me to the post office in town. I'm excited to see how it goes, I'm feeling rather positive about it ♪

But that's a week from now, so I guess I should continue now, shouldn't I?

Yesss back to work!

Good bye for now my sweets! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

Friday, June 29, 2012

Some sort of hello ♪

So I’ve decided to start blogging~!
If you’re reading this, you might know me as irodohieru. Or maybe you know me as Saga, which works perfectly fine since that is my real name, after all. This is me anyways, just to make this a proper presentation post! 

I must admit I'm a bit of a camwhore... ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ
In any case, hello and welcome to my newborn blog! I love you already. Chu chu ♥

So, what to make my first post about?

No, not how work-in-progress this layout is. I could write 100000 frustrated pages on that, but let's save that fun for later. Or just toss it in the trash and move on. 
So. For starters I would just like to say that I made this blog because twitter is not a proper outlet for all my thoughts, sometimes. I do think longer thoughts than 140 characters sometimes. I’ve just never published anything I’ve written, so it’s about time, right? And I also actually like documenting my life and sharing the things I like – like fashion, music, things I see and find interesting - without feeling the need to write something mind-blowing, hilarious or deep and gripping every time I make a post. That’s why I’ve stopped blogging in the past…

“Oh god I’ve just been lounging in my macho boxers and dad’s sweater watching Grey’s anatomy and talking to my fat cat all day. All I can think about is the colour of my socks. I need to do something interesting or think of something deep and meaningful so I can write about it. Agh”

Yeah, do I need to say it didn’t last for long? And then I basically disappeared off the internet for a year. Literally. Didn’t even log on Facebook. I don't know what I did to pass time but at the end I'd knitted like a hundred hats.

And all my friends started calling me “lilla tanten” which means “ little old lady”. They still do, in fact. But anyway!

This time, no regrets and no pressure! If I have any deep thoughts I’ll write about that, if all I can think about is the colour of my socks, I’ll write about that (or maybe I shouldn’t… socks aren’t that interesting, are they… I do own a pair with dancing elks and rainbows though). I just really feel like writing and taking pictures!

Right now it’s in the middle of the night here in Sweden so I should probably go to sleep. I probably won’t though because I'm sort of hyper. Today my favourite disbanded band of all time, ayabie, reunited for a live and I’ve basically climbing the walls with joy high on life all day long. It's been a good day. 

Ah well, I’ll keep climbing walls for a while, listening to ayabie! For those of you who may intend to sleep, until next time:

Sweet dreams! ヽ(´ー`)ノ♥