Monday, April 28, 2014

s p r i n g ♡ t i m e + life recently + new Sheinside gets

As revealed in the title, here's a post about my life and spring and some outfits and clothes I wanted to share with you. Practical!

Speaking of which (the title), I should actually name this post "s u m m e r ♡ t i m e" instead of "s p r i n g ♡ t i m e" because I haven't had the pleasure to actually enjoy any kind of "spring time" for the past five years. I recall writing about how true "winter is coming" really is in Sweden. So, this is me reminding you. Ladies and gentlemen, it is 2014, and Sweden officially only has two seasons; summer and winter.

In other words, it's either "Winter is coming" or "Summer is coming", nothing in between. 
Most of the time it's "Winter is coming" though. Always fear the winter. 

Anyway. I swore to focus more on the positive and stop being so negative all the time a while back, didn't I? 

So, summan av kardemumman, it's warm, the grass is green, the citizens of Stockholm have come out of their depressed caves and are now roaming the formerly deserted streets, armed with hipster ice lattes from hipster cafés, drugging their already wild children with sugary ice cream, filling the air with terror and love and sunshine. 

Sarcasm aside, it is quite nice though. Stockholm is a truly remarkable city when the sun shines and pink, fluffy cherry blossoms have replaced the horrible snowflakes. 

Kungsträdgården - "the king's garden" - is where you'll find the cherry blossoms every year. And, of course, hundreds of bloodthirsty, sun-deprived swedes and curious tourists with fanny-packs. 

Pretty pretty pretty, isn't it?

Me, Emilia (@Pastelbat), Emma (@Loversrock), Fabian (@Tonfiskhelgon) and Jözz (@Thecarebearfag) spent a lovely afternoon by the fountain, taking ugly pictures and not doing anything productive whatsoever. Having spent the past couple of weeks more or less buried in books and frustration, it was nice to take some time off and enjoy a fair amount of Starbucks, sunshine and friends. 

So that's pretty much my life recently. I can't complain. 
I only have about a month left of school, I will most likely spent it out on the balcony with a cup of tea (no, it's never too warm for tea), spying on my neighbors while studying. 

All of this happy sunshine invading my bitter life also means it's time for some spring clothes. 
So, since have been kind enough to sponsor me with some more clothes, I thought I'd take the opportunity to give spring some room in my closet as well. 

Say hello to my new lace jacket and black dress. ♪ 

The pins are from Taobao, and the big 
"I want blood, guts and angel cake" pin is made by Pastelbat, 
The grey dress is from H&M, the necklace from Innocent World, and the rest of 
the accessories from eBay and Taobao.

I love the jacket to bits and pieces. It's still a little bit too cold to wear it without something a bit warmer, but when summer really attacks it'll be perfect. And I love how it looks with the pins, tempted to keysmash a bit here. The only negative thing is that I should have picked a smaller size on the dress, it's a bit loose and makes me feel kind of big at the moment. But I'll just use my sewing skills and fix it! It's still a gorgeous dress.

That's it for me this time my darlings! 

As always, I hope you didn't get crushed under the weight of this word-packed post I just threw in your face. And, I hope your dark winter (or bright, depending on where you live, some lucky bastards don't even get ambushed by snow when winter comes, after all) is over, just like mine is. 

Over and out. ♪( ´θ`)ノ

Sunday, April 6, 2014

F O L L O W ♡ U P ♡ S H E I N S I D E

So here's a little follow-up to my Sheinside post . . .

They have been nice enough to allow me to try on some of their awesome clothes and share them with you guys, which is what I'm going to do right here! ♪

Here's my very first "Sheinside outfit" - I will come up with a better name when I'm not so tired, I apologize on behalf of my brain. 

I already posted it on Tumblr, but hey, 
no harm in abusing this opportunity to write a bit more! 

The top says "PARENTAL ADVISORY", somewhere under my hair (find it → here), and I love it to d e a t h. I was worried about the size before it arrived, as I wasn't very familiar with the accuracy of the sizes of Sheinside clothes, but it wasn't too tiny nor too big, it was very lagom, as we say here in Sweden. Perfect. Plus, super comfy. 

I suspect I will wear it a lot, allow me to say sorry in advance. 

And then there's the skirt (lookie  → here). I have a love for patterns, can't help it. I thought it'd be a great contrast to the top, and I really like the result. Simple but kind of classy. I was a bit inspired by Juria-ish fashion, not sure if I succeeded, it might be too simple . . . but I like simple, so whatever. 

You know, it feels good sharing more fashion thingies here? I never really know what to write, so I end up going crazy when inspiration hits me. As you may have noticed. 

I have more tutorial like things I want to write though, so that will be a bit "on the same topic" as well. As for now, time to stop myself before writing too much. 

One hour left of this week, so have a great next week! I just booked flight tickets to Japan so I am GOING CRAZY WITH HAPPINESS. This will be a good week. If you feel differently, soak up my excitement, I have enough to share with all 808 of you. Ok?! Ok. 

Goodnight. ♥