Thursday, October 11, 2012

Once and for all, this is a compilation of links to the shops where I buy most of my clothes and accessories.

(At the bottom of the linked post I've written about shopping service, translating, etc)

∙ Wigs: Ebay, Taobao. I don't have a particular store I go to. I usually search for cosplay wigs.
∙ Clothes and accessories: Ebay, Taobao, Gina tricot, Cubus, H&M.
∙ Brand clothes:
∙ Circle lenses: → enter coupon code "irodohieru" and receive a mystery gift!

∙ Favorite brands: Monomania, BOY LONDON, SUPER LOVERS, Listen Flavor.

∙ My absolute favorite place to shop: EBAY. No particular shops. I see something I like - a piece of clothing, a print, a color combo, anything - and use keywords to hunt down something similar.

∙ Useful Ebay searchwords for not-really-knowing-what-you're-looking-for-just-windowshopping: KERA, lolita, cosplay.

I'm sorry for not answering this sooner, since you were wondering, dear readers, but now I have! I hope this cleared things up ♡ Now let's move on to the rest!


Amandanissen: What's some of your favorite places to shop, and do you have any tips for finding things on etsy/ebay which suits your style? 

Answer : Actually, the best tip I can give for ebaying is to take inspiration from other places - like tumblr, for example - and use that to find things you like. I find it quite hard to just casually windowshop on ebay. Like with my LSD galaxy cat shirt. I saw that on tumblr, "I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE", went on ebay, typed in "cat galaxy shirt", and found it. It doesn't have to be as specific as that, but knowing what you like is always good, right. Then it's just searchwords, searchwords and more searchwords until you track it down ☆

Anonymous: How do you shop things at Malkomalka and other non-english shops? 

Answer: I bought my MALKOMALKA from Taobao (got them with legit tags and everything, so they're not fake), but otherwise I use a shopping service! I've heard Celga is good ☆

Anonymous: I don't know if you answered this though, I'd really like a list of Japanese fashion brands you buy from? ` n `

Answer: My favorite japanese brands are; SUPER LOVERS, Listen Flavor, Sex Pot ReVeNGe, Candy stripper and Monomania ☆ !

Anonymous: Where do you get your wigs and what price are they around?

Answer: If I order wigs from Taobao, around 8 USD, if I order from ebay, between 18-20 USD ☆

Anonymous: Everyone has so many great questions but...
I would like to know what hair products you use. O.O
I have brown and light pink hair, but the pink part never went back to normal and since you are so used to all this I would really like to know the things you like to use/find good for damaged hair like shampoos, conditioners or even home made treatments and things like that. (:
And... Just wanted to say to you that you really are an inspiration to me and you you are a really beautiful and nice person! *-*

Answer: Agh thank you sweetheart ♡ I just want to hug you. Let me see if I can give you some pointers! If you want a good color result, avoid any hair product with silicone. I like schwarzkopf's products. Basically, avoid products that contain silicone. Look for shampoos and conditioners with keratine in - if possible, something with oil as well. Also, investing in an expensive argan oil can really be worth it. Buy argan oil and a good hair remedy from your hairdresser (if you can afford it, it's a good idea to buy shampoo and conditioner from them as well). 

If you want a good at-home remedy: Beer, two eggs, mayonnaise and olive oil. Divide it in your hair and wrap it in plastic, leave in for as long as you like (minimum 10 minutes). Hope this helped!

Anonymous: So when you order from Taobao, how much does the cost add up to (if you don't mind sharing >_<)? And the shipping? Also what shipping method do you use? Do you use any agencies? What are your favourite stores on Taobao?

Answer: I answered all of this in my Taobao post... oh well! My stuff were in total around 700-1000 SEK if I remember it right. The shipping was 700 SEK I think. I used, china airmail small and I don't have any favorite shops, I just browse around with random searchwords like "nebula", "KERA", "lolita", "MALKO MALKA"... and so on! ☆

That's it! 

Much love to those of you who asked me questions in the Q&A (not just the ones I published in this entry)! And to those of you who didn't as well, of course ♡ Once again I'm going to end this post by saying goodnight. Maybe I sleep a lot. Or just like writing when I'm tired. I don't know. Doesn't matter! At least I'm sick today so I have a legit reason...

Have loads of sweet dreams and happy Friday! 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pics or it didn't happen...

Well here it is. That blonde thing, me when I was fifteen. 

In this picture I had already lost like 8-10 kgs. I've deleted all other pictures of myself from that time, unfortunately, so I don't have any earlier pics than this one, except for baby/kid-pictures. 

I told you I used to look different.
Just felt like posting this for some reason! 

Dear lord I'm happy my fashion sense has improved since then... 

Anyway, moving on to other stuff: this weekend I'll hopefully have time to make the Q&A video! Thank you so much for all the questions, I'm really grateful ♥ ! I'll answer as many as I can in the video, and all other questions will be answered in a post here, I promise. 

That's the end of this random post. Hope I didn't traumatize anyone. 
Sweet dreams and puss och kram! 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Q & A

Eylo, like my friend Alex would say. Good afternoon!

Decided my next video will be a lil' Q & A session. Thanks for all the suggestions dearies, got a lot of great ideas - Q & A being one of them! ♪♪

So now it's time to collect some Q's to connect to some A's. Ask me whatever you want, anything from I don't know questions about my toenails (what) to clothes, shopping, food, or how heavy my adorable fat cat is. Aske me to do things, show things, etc. Whatever random thing you'd like to know. Pretty please? It'd be fun answering some questions~!

Figured I'd gather the Q's here so there's a way to ask me stuff anonymously. 

I'll be waiting for those Q's okay  ! Squishing my cheeks to show my love:

Oh god what if no one ask me anything now I'm scared and embarrassed before even posting christ.