Monday, February 4, 2013

2012 favorites ☆

I do realize it's already February, and this post is the kind of post that should have been posted in January, maybe. But I'm only four days late, so let's pretend like nothing.

Anyway, I thought it'd be fun to do a little summary of my favorite outfits from the passed year! After all I do have a passion for fashion, so you'll have to live with me blogging about it! Insert evil laughter.
Right! Let's start off early in the year. April, to be exact!

T-shirt: HELLCATPUNKS. Padlock necklace: Sex Pot ReVeNGe. Skirt: Second hand. Tights: Ebay. Shoes: Dr. Martens.

I think this is a favorite mostly because it was an outfit of many firsts. One of the first times I tried star eyebrows, first time I cut my fringe super short, first time I wore my beloved skeleton-tights, bought lashes and lenses. It's also around the time I started to abandon the whole oshare/visual kei thing I had going, and fell for more simple outfit-combos. 

Fashion started to become more and more fun for me around this time! Which is why I started to document and play more with what I wore day to day.

And - not to be forgotten - because that damn hair is probably the best hair I've ever had.
Dammit now I miss it. Insert keysmash. Moving on.

Wig: Ebay. Glasses: Åhlens. Padlock necklace: Sex Pot ReVeNGe. Hoodie: Second hand (I've seen it on Ebay though). Tights: "homemade." Creepers: Underground England.

Wig: Ebay. Devil horns: Homemade. Padlock necklace and tanktop: Sex Pot ReVeNGe. Tights: Taobao. Creepers: Underground England.

Top: Monomania. Headband: Homemade. Necklace: Vivienne Westwood. Yin Yang tights: Ebay.

Wig: Gothic Lolita Wigs. Headband: Homemade. Jacket: Taobao. Necklace: Ebay. Skeleton clips: Kreepsville. Lace dress: H&M. Shoes: Taobao.

Wig: Taobao. Hairbows: Kreepsville. Top: Monomania. Necklace: Glitter. Tights: Ebay.

Wig: Ebay. Hairclips: Kreepsville. Oversize shirt: SUPER LOVERS. Maxi-skirt: Ebay. Tights: Ebay. Shoes: Taobao.

The last picture is a combo I still really, really like... Which you may have already figured out if you follow me on tumblr, since my last outfit picture there is sort of extremely similar to this one. 

As you may also have noticed if you follow me on tumblr, lately more and more "fun" things have infected my outfits lately. Whereas before I was a complete sucker for clean things, black and white, not too many details... now I'm turning into a big-eyed monster jumping down a flowery meadow going "PATTERNS! COLORS! ACCESSORIES! HAIR BUNS! BOWS! FLOWERS!" 

Well, not literally, but you get the message. 

I mean. Like two days ago, I ordered a white shirt with two baby blue and baby pink ponies on. And a bunch of stars. And another sweater with cherries and stuff. Something is happening. 

I'm becoming cuter. 
Well if it get's too bad I can always make another post with the ugliest faces I can make. Problem solved, before there even was a problem. Phew! 

Well how about ending this post now? 
Everyone, long week ahead, but make sure to make it a good week. It's easy, and even if it isn't, buy some cookies and watch Parks and Recreation. I swear that makes everything better. Ok? Good girls and boys. Mama is proud. 

♥ Goodnight until next time lovelies ♥