Wednesday, November 14, 2012

REVIEW ☆ Circle lenses, GEO Bella Grey, PinkyParadise

Bought from:

I'm a part of PinkyParadise's affiliate program. So when you buy your lenses from them (which I think you should) enter coupon code irodohieru, and you'll get a free lens case and a mystery gift, courtesy of me!


First of all, I would just like to thank the guys at PinkyParadise for being so nice to me. They really are, super polite and cooperative. My emails were answered quickly, my questions and concerns were immediately answered and cleared up, and all communication worked very smoothly. 

I picked the lenses I wanted, got my tracking number, and bam, just a week later I had them in my mailbox. Along with a cute little animal lens case - hippos. I love hippos - and a little gift. 

Now, second of all; 

These lenses are so damn comfortable I am really tempted to keysmash my way through the rest of this review. 

My past experiences with lenses haven't been very good. My eyes have been itchy and red and I've sort of gotten used to crying a little throughout the day. I wore them anyways because I thought it was like that for everyone - at least my eyes looked nice. Now, I don't even think about the fact that I'm wearing lenses. They're just there, and it's brilliant.

I get why PinkyParadise is the biggest site for circle lenses. 

They have a lot of nice lashes and accessories too, so check that out in case you're looking for other things than just lenses! 

I have nothing bad to say about my experience, so this review will just have to be as extremely positive as it is. And now I will end this before it gets too long. 

PinkyParadise, end note; HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 

Over and out for this time dearies, 
xoxo - ♡

Thursday, November 1, 2012

☆ SWEET 18 ☆

So October 24 1994 was the day I was born, and that means October 24 2012 was my 18th birthday.

Still recovering from all the celebrating I've been doing.

My parents woke me at six o'clock in the morning with breakfast - coffee, my favorite sandwich, and a teeny tiny cake, all to myself. Or maybe not so tiny after all. It was supposed to be for two persons and I'm just one person. Yes, I ate it all. Not even sorry. It was delicious. Raspberry mousse with cream and jam, covered in grated white chocolate and topped with a cute lil' marzipan rose.

There it is! Looks yummy right? 

Anyhow. I took the day off and spent it... well I don't even remember what I did. Think I walked around the apartment in my PJ's, singing really loudly, to be honest. Then I realized my friends were supposed to come over in like an hour, so I made "fika" in full on panic mode. 

Took a lot of pictures ♪

 The cake was kind of messed up since my dad wanted a slice in the morning. So I filled the hole with "polkagrisar" (candy canes but small and not canes and swedish?) and meringue. But I actually think messy cakes are yummier than super tidy cakes. 

Here are some derpy friends: 

Emilia, Marijela (with a blurry Alex in the background) and Clara! 

I have friends, look!

I know Alex doesn't like to be in published pictures so I will keep him to myself. Alice showed up later, but I'd sort of forgotten about the camera (I'm sorry honey). And Jözz was supposed to be there too, but she was sick so she couldn't come. Anyhow, we had a great time! I love these guys ♥ 

And here's a bonus pic: 

Marijela put marshmallows on my headband... 

After dinner with my parents (where I got that yucky glass of wine. I hate wine. But it was kind of symbolic. Symbolic and disgusting. I really. Hate. Wine), Alice and I went to the movies and saw paranormal activity 4. Weird movie, by the way. I don't know if I can recommend it or not. Maybe if you've seen the others. 

Well, spending the rest of my birthday with my awesomest girlfriend was a great way to end it at least. 

Then there was the party with my huge family this weekend. 28 people (that's just my closest relatives, aunts and cousins, etc. Everyone couldn't even come). Alice and Alex were there too and everyone got kind of drunk and stayed really late, so overall it was a great party. 

That's about it! 

But wait a minute, I know what you're thinking.
What about the damn gifts?

For starters my grandmother gave me Photoshop Elements 11, which made my voice all high-pitched (thank you grandma). Then I got a gift-certificate for two piercings, so my mouth area will be punctured soon, another gift-certificate at H&M, money, a massage, that dotted shirt I'm wearing in the pictures, a bottle of strawberry wine...

Alex got me the book "Pawnee - the greatest town in America" by Leslie Knope - a character from the TV-show we're obsessed with, Parks and Recreation, and Alice made me a keychain. A little Rilakkuma wearing a rose headband. So cute ♥

But the best thing that happened that day;
my parents made me debt-free.

I almost started to cry. Seriously, I can't really describe how good it feels to have that weight off my shoulders. Now I can start over. Can't imagine starting my 18th year - my first "adult" year - in a better way. I love my parents so so so much.

I have nothing more to say about my Sweet 18 now!

So this was a really cheesy and overly happy entry.

Thank you awesome friends and family for making it so great. Now back to being miserable. Kidding.

Over and out! Much love (ી(΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)ʃ)♥