Friday, February 5, 2016

f e b r u a r y ♡ f a v o r i t e s / i n s p o + links & shops !

It has been quite some time since I posted one of these here. I have to be completely honest and admit that the reason is probably the whole Sheinside fiasco - which you can read about here. (Will forever spread the message that they should be avoided.) 

Simply put, anyway, once I realized what an dishonest company I had been promoting and making inspiration posts for, I felt just as dishonest. This sounds really dramatic but, in lack of better words. (2 AM, do not judge me friend.)

It sort of left a bad taste in my mouth, for... somewhat understandable reasons. 

Now that that is all behind me, I feel great about posting some images I have been saving for inspirational purposes, as well as some links to clothes similar to the ones on the picture, which I have put on my wishlist. Why not share! !

So, all my love and the picture credit goes to Tokyo Fashion, for always shoving inspiration down my throat. These are my most recent favorites!! Enjoy my lil' sunflowers. 

f e b r u a r y ♡ i n s p i r a t i o n 
/ favorite looks from Tokyo Fashion / similar outfit ideas /

Are these boots not the most awesome thing you have ever seen though? ?
I hate spiders but I need them in my life.

Per usual, the longest blog post in the history of mankind. Mostly pictures, however, and being thorough with links and such is a good thing, right? Maybe it is even something I should do more often...? 

Next up will be a wig post, though, a sort of guide on how to navigate the bottomless pit of a website that is eBay. Yes, keepin' the blog alive. It's a lot of fun actually (haha). For some reason I get a kick out of hunting for clothes like this, like a serious mission. Good grief. ~

Man all of these pictures make me miss Tokyo. ( つ Д `)

Okay time to end this, 3 AM! 
Good morning and good night everyone, have a great weekend ok. ♡ 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

m a k e u p ♡ t u t o r i a l - 20 minute doll face + product list

As it says in the video description, Movie Maker did something strange to the colors of this video, and my face did actually not look so orange. Hence why I added the nicer pictures to the video! But enough about that. 

Dearestbambii @ Instagram commented on a picture I posted on Christmas Eve, when I first tried this look, and suggested I should do a tutorial. I thought this look was too "simple" to document, but then I realized it might actually be a good idea. 

1. Because it is simple - as the title reveals, it only took about 20 minutes, which is great considering too many of us are always in quite a hurry these days. 
2. A lot of the products used are on the cheaper side, so it is both a quick look and a budget look. Worth sharing, right?

So here it is! 20 minute Doll Face Makeup.

p r o d u c t s ♡ u s e d

Base Makeup 

Primer - Lumene "Moisturizing & Illuminating" primer
Concealer - NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand, "Fair"

Foundation - UNE 100% Mineral Foundation, "M01"
Brush - TGR basic powder brush

Contour - Too Faced Cocoa Contour, "Medium Cocoa"
Brush - Cocoa Contour Kabuki brush
Highlight - Cocoa Contour, "Light Cocoa"
Brush - H&M two-sided angle brush / thick smokey eye brush


Dipbrow - Ardell Dipbrow Pomade, "Medium Brown"
Brushew - Forever21, thin angled brush from the "Every day is Caturday" set, Ardell Diprow brush
Shadow - Make Up Store Microshadow, "Smog"
Brush - H&M two-sided angle brush / thick smokey eye brush
Compact powder - Make Up Store


Circle lenses - EOS Candy series, Grey 
(Get yours at PinkyParadise and apply coupon code "irodohieru" for a gift and cute animal lens case!)

"Primer" i.e. lipbalm - Lypsyl Original lipbalm 

Eyeshadow - H&M, High Impact Eye Colour
Light pink - "Pop the Question"
Light brown - "Mojave"
Brush - H&M two-sided angle brush / thick smokey eye brush, H&M smokey eye brush

Lashes - Dolly Wink no. 2, "Sweet Girly"
Lower lashes - Dolly Wink no. 5, "Real Nude"


Lip balm - Lypsyl Original
Glitter - You Do glitter flakes


Lip color - H&M Glossamer Lip Stain, "Gauzy Mauve"

Let us all - again - ignore the weirdness of the color, and I sure hope someone out there enjoyed this or even found it useful! Now it is time for me to make some more tea.

Have a nice evening everyone. ~

P.S. Oh right, before I leave! I think I might want to do a tag next.
Does anyone have any suggestions? ( ᐛ )و