Monday, October 14, 2013

Winter is coming

"In Sweden, winter is coming is a real thing" is something I've said many times.

Sad but true.

If you've followed my endless rants on Twitter, or basically any other websites I'm a part of, since last winter, you've probably already noticed what a bitter, whiny, pathetic little mess of a human I turn into when winter strikes. I'm not fun to be around. I'm-on-my-period-mood from November to March. Like all other swedes.

We don't exist during the winters, that's how bad it is.
Then summer comes and we're all happily drinking snaps and going to IKEA with Zlatan t-shirts and meatballs in our hair again, until winter comes again, and our bodies are replaced with grey, tired zombies that hate everything and everyone.

I'm not looking forward to this please save me I don't want to okay.

The fear of what's coming aside, it's time to start pretending that putting up a fight against the cold is worth a shot, and therefore I've been hunting for some winter armor. Thought I'd share with you what I've found!

If all goes well and I'm able to order these tomorrow, they'll be miiine.
So, say hello to my new friends: 

Woolen coat is from Sheinside, baby uggies from Chromehearts. 

Okay, yes, time to admit something embarrassing that my friends have given me a lot of odd stares for: I'm a closet Ugg and Crocs lover. And, I don't understand people who doesn't love them. They're the most comfortable things in this universe. Like walking on frikkin' clouds of cotton candy and happiness. 

My name is Saga and I own a pair of pink crocs and soon I will also have a pair of Uggs. 

"Hello Saga" 
"First step towards recovery is admitting you have a problem"

Glad to get that off my chest. Moving on. I went with all black, wool and furry lining, hoping that I'll look all "cute" while hopefully still being warm. Super simple things, but I like simple. I've never been much for clothes with many, many details. I like it on others, but on me it's too much. I always feel like a Christmas tree with too many things on. So. This is just about right. Going to live in these, and top it all off with the Hufflepuff scarf my girlfriend Nellie gave me completely out of the blue ♪ (she's the best). 

This must be very interesting to read... I'm just quite excited! 
Been wearing my beloved SEX POT ReVeNGe jacket for two years now, it'll be nice with a change. 

Whether my plan to fight the Swedish winter will work or not is another question. 
I apologize in advance for all the whining you'll have to put up with. 

Good night ladies and gentlemen, enjoy your autumn while it lasts! 
Here's a little outfit-of-the-day to end this post:

Chu ♡ 
...chu lovely muni muni mura mura purin purin boron nurururerorero.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Street snap favorites #1

First of all, here's a little source-shoutout;
All credit for the images in this post goes to one of my favorite things in the world - TokyoFashion. You can find them here on, on, and on tumblr! I believe they're on Instagram as well. They're worth a follow everywhere you can find them.

Second of all;

As you may or may not know, my biggest source of inspiration comes from street snaps - Harajuku street snaps, most of the time.

All the fabulous people. I highly recommend it. It's a great way to get ideas! And it really makes me get all excited about sudden light bulb-outfits and then I end up making a mess in my room, pulling clothes out of my closet and throwing them on the floor to play with them for hours.

So here's a little compilation of my recent favorites! 
Let's start with these black and white, yet somehow colorful, ladies:

Though I might not wear many things similar to the two pictures above this little caption, 
I still find them very inspirational in their "striking playfulness", to use some fancy language. 
Weird patterns and matching colors, tattoo tights, loose pants. 

I like this one because it's creative in it's simplicity. 
I love wearing this type of color scheme as well. Black, white, and a color to break it off! Chokers, pigtails and platforms is never not wrong either. 

Ah, layers. 

Do I even need a caption, uhm, I think not, Minori is just gorgeous. 

This is probably my favorite out of the whole bunch. 
I pretty much love everything about this outfit, and I'll try to make my own version of it, 
because when I stumbled upon it on my tumblr dashboard, I almost made a weird squeaky sound. Again, creative in it's simplicity. 

It doesn't have to be so complicated all the time.
Less is more, like people say when they're being smart. 

∙ ∙ ∙ 

That's about it for this time! This has to be the shortest post I've ever written (amount-of-text-wise). For once I have no more word-vomit to share with you all. So let's wrap it up before Friday, shall we? Ten minutes to midnight here in Sweden. 

I should really sleep. 
I always blog when I should be sleeping. 

Goodnight darlings, have a great weekend ♡