Wednesday, November 14, 2012

REVIEW ☆ Circle lenses, GEO Bella Grey, PinkyParadise

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I'm a part of PinkyParadise's affiliate program. So when you buy your lenses from them (which I think you should) enter coupon code irodohieru, and you'll get a free lens case and a mystery gift, courtesy of me!


First of all, I would just like to thank the guys at PinkyParadise for being so nice to me. They really are, super polite and cooperative. My emails were answered quickly, my questions and concerns were immediately answered and cleared up, and all communication worked very smoothly. 

I picked the lenses I wanted, got my tracking number, and bam, just a week later I had them in my mailbox. Along with a cute little animal lens case - hippos. I love hippos - and a little gift. 

Now, second of all; 

These lenses are so damn comfortable I am really tempted to keysmash my way through the rest of this review. 

My past experiences with lenses haven't been very good. My eyes have been itchy and red and I've sort of gotten used to crying a little throughout the day. I wore them anyways because I thought it was like that for everyone - at least my eyes looked nice. Now, I don't even think about the fact that I'm wearing lenses. They're just there, and it's brilliant.

I get why PinkyParadise is the biggest site for circle lenses. 

They have a lot of nice lashes and accessories too, so check that out in case you're looking for other things than just lenses! 

I have nothing bad to say about my experience, so this review will just have to be as extremely positive as it is. And now I will end this before it gets too long. 

PinkyParadise, end note; HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 

Over and out for this time dearies, 
xoxo - ♡


  1. Hey, Saga! I have a question about the lenses. It is a small question and it's dumb because I am seriously new to lenses, I have never owned a pair but I consider to buy some. Since I have a bad eyesight, I just went to check out the lenses you listed and are wearing in the photo and there was an option to choose prescription for the left and the right eye. Does that mean that the lens will replace my glasses while I'm wearing them? I have always thought that lens are only for the look, haha! And also, should I visit a doctor before I buy lenses? You know, I'm sort of afraid that when I will get the lenses in my eyes, I wont be able to take them out. That's what worries me. T n T

    1. Hi! The lenses will do exactly what you said; replace your glasses if you choose the prescription you have. They work like plain lenses, they only make your eyes look different at the same time ( ^ ^)
      And you know what, I was worried about that as well. But I put them in once and just went "HAH suck it past-me, this is nothing, what was I so worried about?" because they came out no problem. So don't worry!

      It looks worse than it is, I think that's what most people are scared of when buying lenses for the first time. It looks really unpleasant sticking your fingers into your eyes and all. But it's not. I wear lenses every day now and I don't even think about it!

  2. what beautiful lenses! I'm so glad you got ones that match your eyes, everyone I know who wears them seem to almost always pick ones that look really fake and it ruined the idea of them for me, but you've inspired me to think about trying them out again c: thank you for such a sweet review! <3

    1. Aw, thank you for such a sweet comment! ♥ I'm glad you're rethinking buying lenses! I know what you're talking about, some of them look re-he-heally fake. But it's all about picking the right ones for your eyes! I'm glad you think these look good on me too. Thank you!

  3. Would these look good with brown eyes?

    1. Black/black and grey lenses blend in well with all eyecolors since it's the most neutral color there is. Personally, I think it's the best choice for anyone who's looking for a "natural" look.

  4. You should be careful with lenses that irritate your eyes. Eye infections aren't fun. My friend experienced the same symptoms that you mentioned, & eventually ended up with eye infections in both eyes, leading to a strong stinging sensation for about 3 months. Another thing, GEO is probably the most uncomfortable lenses that I've tried(they can be comfortable, but you can get better~). EOS is the most comfortable lenses that I've tried, & I believe most people could agree with me.

  5. Those lenses perfectly goes qwith your eye colour *-* I really like this photo, you look so sweet x3

  6. I like more because they give 1 free pair for 2 paid pairs and nobody can beat them !

  7. Those contacts look amazing on you!
    I have been purchasing contact from pinky paradise for the last year and I simply love them! I love your blog btw, found it yesterday and read everything lol your a very strong, unique, an beautiful person!
    Respect!!! <3

    1. Ah, thank you so much! Can't believe I didn't answer this already ( ; > <) You are so sweet! ♥ I didn't think anyone actually bothered to read, HAHA. But you made me so happy with this!
      Respect and love right back at ya.

  8. Arg! You are so fucking cool girl!
    It's exactly what i want but i need a correction highter than -6 T_T

  9. Great review, Thanks for sharing it here .

    You look Great with circle lens.

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    Enjoy and Stay pretty always

    : )

  10. Damn that lenses are great!! you look awesome<33
    I was interested in this lens but I think it will look bad in brown eyes
    Thanks for the Review^^

  11. They look great and pretty natural on you!