Sunday, June 2, 2013

The tale of the foot

So the thing is,
Someone actually e-mailed me and asked me what the hell happened to my foot. 

I've mentioned it a few times (and tweeted about it many, many times, because I'm... me), but this nice little e-mail reminded me that I never actually got to the point. Thank you for reminding me. Don't worry, it's neither a long nor yucky story, it's also a very nice example of how I work as a person. 

= how I don't work, in other words. 

Let me break it down for you; 
  1. I stepped on something, a small piece of glass I suspect, since a couple of days before I'd been carrying a mattress from my room to the livingroom and I literally walked into a mirror and knocked it over, which of course means that it broke. Big time. It pretty much exploded when it hit the floor (I'm clumsy).

  2. After a weird, high-pitched noise and a sting of pain, I looked at my foot, could see something but it didn't look like a big deal. So I didn't do anything about it and just kept walking.

  3. Why the hell didn't I do anything about it?!

  4. I honestly don't know (I'm both clumsy and I make questionable choices in life).

  5. A few weeks went by and it seemed like everything was okay. I didn't think about my foot since it didn't give me a reason to think about it, so to speak, until one fine day (it was probably raining, but it sounds nice to say "one fine day"), it started to hurt. I finally looked at it, and there it was. A black dot right where I'd stepped on the thing that was probably a piece of glass. About the size of a pea.

  6. I still did nothing.

  7. I spent the night at Emilia's house with her and Jözz. For some reason I mentioned "the black thing on my heel" and showed it to them. They were not amused. They told me that I should have it checked immediately, then pointed out that I should have 24-hour surveillance, because I hurt myself so often.

  8. I didn't listen to them and I still did nothing. Of course I didn't.

  9. A few days before we went to Amsterdam, me and my mother were cleaning the livingroom, when I stepped on the cord to the vacuum cleaner, and the pain made me scream. My foot was really hurting by then. I was kind of limping already. Mum was about as amused as Jözz and Emilia were. She immediately called the doctor and we went to the hospital the morning after.

  10. I got an ultrasound on my foot, and they did some other things. I have literally had ultrasounds done on every part of my body now.

  11. They couldn't find anything, said it was probably a mild inflammation. I was sent home with some pills and a follow up-appointment scheduled a week later. We went to Amsterdam. I was limping big time. Around here I finally started to realize that I probably should have been more careful.

  12. Like I wrote in my previous post, when meeting up with Dana and Naomi in Amsterdam, I ended up walking for five hours straight. I was really, really limping by then. Putting pressure on that foot was no option, and it hadn't been an option for at least a week, so my other fot and leg was quite... worn out. By the end of the day I could barely walk at all. And...

  13. ...when I got back to the apartment, there was a blister the size of a cookie under my foot, where the black dot had been. Not pleasant.

  14. Understandingly, I spent most of the Saturday in the apartment eating those huge delicious puddings I found at the supermarket, hopped on one leg all the way home to Sweden on Sunday, got home, 40 minutes later we were on our way to the emergency room after my dad had looked at my foot and squeaked "BLOOD POISONING?!", and the day after that I got sent back to the hospital (it wasn't blood poisoning, fortunately).

  15. They did some yummy things at the hospital but I'll spare you the details. You're welcome. It got better once the surgeon worked his magic, at least. Now after a few weeks of penicillin and limping I can actually walk again. And my foot lived happily ever after.
The end. 

Glorious, huh? I guess this also sums up the end of my Amsterdam trip! So no need for a post on the last two days. A bunch of family stuff and apple pies. Foot. Airport. More foot. You know the deal. 

And so, what have we learned?
I honestly don't even know. I should just buy some bubble wrap and make a suit out of it. 

What to... say now... 

Well, for starters I'm kind of brainwashed from working at the bakery, and working extra as a kitchen slave at my friend's family graduation party all weekend. And on top of that, all week I've been watching way too much Pretty Little Liars, so I don't have much to spit out. Actually watching Pretty Little Liars right now. Mona is back from the asylum and it's pretty tense in school, she found a cow's brain in her locker. Okay. I love this show, but my brain is like a damp, dirty towel. Like a really, really damp towel.

Towel's don't think that much so you can see why this is a problem.

Since fashion is my passion I'll just throw in some pictures from Saturday, with some closet add-ons. 

"Ponies forever" tee from Taobao and dotted skirt from H&M ♪ 

Oh and here's my rubbery face as well. Charming.

No I don't know what happened there either.

Goodnight friends, I hope you had a nice day and that you're less tired than I am.
Rabu rabu (づ ̄ ³)づ ♡


  1. I'm clumsy too! Glad to hear you got your foot taken care of. Cute pictures. :D

  2. You're adorable! Sorry about your foot, I had something similar in my hand with the small broken shard of a crystal I wanted to make jewelry with, heh. Anyhow I waned to ask whats your favorite shop to buy wigs from? You have so many and they are all lovely!

    1. I feel your pain there </3 and thank you! You have questionable taste, haha, but that's very nice of you! I always buy wigs from ebay or taobao.

  3. hi! mmm what says your tattoo? im curious sorry if this question bothers you. And i'm clumsy too believe me! i do the most idiotic things Lol i get hurt very often and the worst thing is that my skin is very sensitive so it look gross after i get hurt ._.

    1. Why would that bother me? Haha! Glad you're as clumsy as me (though not happy that you get hurt, but you get that, just feels nice to not be alone. Please be careful. Let's both invest in some bubblewrap).

      I wrote about my tattoo here →

  4. You're so cute!
    I also had some issues by stepping in a broken glass before, so I know what feels like xD Fortunately you're ok now ;)
    Hugs! <3


    Keyword: Might

    Then it doesn't and everyone is like YOU IRRESPONSIBLE WITH YOUR BODY and it's like but but I hoped it would please go awayyyyyyy cries

    Yeah ok so I do this all the time - but not so much with clumsy stuff, just general health usually. Like I spent three days with my side rock solid because of muscle damage and did nothing even though I couldn't move or breathe.

    And that time when I had blood poinsoning and did nothing so in the end I had to get my arm STUFFED WITH TEDDYBEAR STUFFING NO LIE.

    so yeah these things happen.

    I tell myself they are TOTALLY UNAVOIDABLE.


    It's sad you were so sore for so long though huhhh, especially in Amserdam.


      You take the throne though. BLOOD POISONING.
      Laugh or cry, that is the question, I'll choose to laugh because it sounds like something I'd do.

      And it was alright! I had a great time anyway :3

  6. I hope your learned that you should tend to stuff at once when you feel that something isn´t quite right >.<""
    Other than that, you are a cutie patootie! <3 Can´t wait until we meet this summer ;V;

    1. I will! I certainly learned my lesson XD And you're the cutie patootie here okay! I can't wait to meet you eitheeeerr ; 3 ; Sorry for being such a weirdo about chatting, haha, must be frustrating... But it'll be so great talking irl finally! ♡

  7. Drill this in your head: You see blood, you clean the injury. See blood -> clean injury. BLOOD => CLEAN. OK? OK.
    Now need I remind you of that email of mine that seems to be still waiting for you, because I haven't seen you spazz about it, and I want to :3

    1. I PROMISE OK! And I've spaaaazzed seriously always grateful and when you gave me a warning for the last crotch punch... okay love to you ;-;

  8. you're so cute :D

    I forgot to tell you but I nominated you for The Versatile Blog Award :D
    Hugs, from Churi<3

  9. awww a pair of shoes will make ur feet better? XD love the styling! i really like your style a.k.a japanese street style something i can put on. since .. most people i know who likes japanese looks like they've been puked on by a unicorn ;/ anywho sorry for the long ramblings ..take care !!

    love, from indonesia> :D