Tuesday, July 16, 2013

REVIEW ♥ Gold and black skull necklace + Clothingloves.net

Hello ladybugs!

You guys remember a few posts back when clothing online store Clothingloves asked me to help them out and write a little about them and their products? Either way, here's part two, because I finally own something from their jewelry selection! 

You can get the necklace for 9.98$ right → here!

I wore it today when my parents visited and took me to lunch. Didn't want to go all out with makeup and clothes, but I think the necklace and glasses made the super casual look more "fun", if that's the correct word.

I love this necklace for my more boyish and messier street outfits. Wearing a lot of black and white, I usually wear something small or big with a pastel color to break it all off. I don't even own any other gold pieces, I only have silver necklaces and whatnot, but gold works very well too, apparently! Matches my brown wig nicely if I may say so myself, haha ♪

I wore it with this ↓ outfit too, so I'll post a picture of that as well, even though you can't see the necklace as clearly there.

I picked this necklace both because I got curious to find out how gold would fit into my outfits, both because skulls are always nice, and because I wanted to try out their site before getting my hands on something else. 

I've been emailing a lot with the staff, they've always responded quickly, and they're nice and helpful. So good customer service! And the shipping was fast as well. Didn't take long for the necklace to arrive at my door. 

Having been obsessed with expensive Japanese brands that have killed me with toll fees and slow shipping, I have hardly even looked at online stores with wholesale clothing before. Positively surprised. Brands are always nice, but I've already said that expensively branded clothes aren't automatically better than cheaper clothes. You might even love those cheaper clothes more. And they might even look better than branded clothes. My favorite pieces right now aren't brand clothes, actually.

So the sum of the cardamom (Swedish expressions are wonderful), 
happy to have discovered a site like this! 

Apart from wholesale clothing, both for women and men, jewelry and other accessories, Clothingloves also have things like cheap wedding dresses, if you're older than me and looking for one to help you tie the knot in a fancy way. And they have other cheap fancier dresses as well.

Their banner is here to the right, so click it and visit! 
Or just click right here, works too → Clothingloves.net.

If you're wondering something don't hesitate to ask, and I'll try my best to answer! 
Otherwise I hope this review was in any way helpful, especially if you discovered Clothingloves as a new site to shop from. 

'Til next time, 
be sure to behave and have a nice July ( •-)-


  1. I love your second outfit! Everything matches so perfectly, great necklace too :3 Will have to check out this website!

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  2. the necklace is really cute *u* and I LOVE your outfit!

  3. Great necklace! *___*

  4. Aw, you're really cute!!

  5. Definitely diggin that necklace :D


  6. You're so cute.
    I adore the second outfit, perfection.


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