Monday, September 16, 2013

Twin circle lens review ☆ GEO Xtra Wt-A52 Blue x Vassen Lucky Clover Cocoro Violet

So it is time for another review, sponsored by (no surprise there) ! I've realized how terrible my past reviews have been, so I'll keep this twin review shorter and easier to read.

That said, I should probably follow my own words and get right down to business. 
Ladies and gentlemen, circle lens number one!

21,90 USD, 15 mm, 12 months

In my last post I swore to stop being sickly positive about things, but I love these lenses so much I kind of have to be sickly positive. They're huge, blend in super well with my old Swedish grey eyes, and by far the most comfortable lenses ever. I'm a very pleased girl. Could wear them for at least 7 hours the first time I tried them, before my eyes started to feel a little bit tired, but I think my heavy makeup was the most tiring thing they had to deal with that day.

Design: 9/10 - I wish they had been a little more blue.
Comfort: 10/10
Price: 8/10 - worth it.

23,90 USD, 14,5 mm, 12 months

I took a risk when I picked these lenses, since there was no way to tell how they would look on my eyes. The images on the product's page was not very helpful at all, so that's a minus. But I figured they'd go well with my bright eyes, and they did! I think these types of lenses go much better with light eyes than with dark eyes. Love the color to death. Sadly, they're not as comfortable as the blue ones. But they're still more comfortable than other lenses I've worn.

Design: 9/10 - 15mm would have been a 10!
Comfort: 7/10
Price: 7/10

Both lenses came with an individual cute little case, no coupon code needed. I believe that's a violet elephant-case and a macron-case with a swedish vibe going on. I got a note from the staff in the mail as well, and they even checked up to make sure I'd gotten everything on time! The whole from-website-to-door-process was smooth and the confirmation e-mails very clear and non-confusing as well. A+ for niceness and customer service.

There were a lot of lenses and brands to find on the site as well, so go have a look, won't ya! 

∙ ∙ ❀ ∙ ∙

Thank you for this time!

Now I might spit out another post later tonight, which will make this day quite historical, considering I'm not a blogger who throws things online every other second. But I have a resumé to update and e-mails to send out as well. So we'll see. What the future holds. 

Not sure what I'm writing. 
Ignore me and have a lovely evening, dear reader! 


  1. The lucky clover cocoro violet are just toooo pretty *^*

  2. Absolutely amazing lenses. I would love to try them.
    Especially the violet lenses, they're beautiful.
    I love how they look against your eye colour as well.

  3. thank you for sharing this review *v* the first pair it's amazing on you!

  4. VASSEN LUCKY CLOVER COCORO VIOLET look sooo amazing on you! I'm sure blue/grey eyes are the best for them? I think green eyes would look strange with them =/

  5. The violet one is really pretty ! Both are amazing on you :D

  6. Cute&short review and beautiful makeup! Maybe a tutorial?~

  7. Solution-Lens shop has "BUY 2 GET 1 FREE" and free shipping offer for Halloween, do you know any better discount ? Thank you.

  8. Omg! The last one are the circle lenses what i want to buy!!
    Really nice review!!

  9. Are those cute or what. Love to see something that obviously works on light eyes. Might need to buy :)

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  11. They look perfect on your eyes! * - *