Friday, August 8, 2014

R e v i e w ♡ GEO CK106 Black x E.O.S Ice Pink

♡ M a p l e L e n s ♡

I actually had not heard about MapleLens before a little mail landed in my inbox not too long ago. The webshop's design reminds me of Pinkyparadise, although I must admit I find MapleLens cleaner and a bit easier to navigate (no hard feelings, Pinky). 

You'll find a variety of G&G Dueba, E.O.S, Geo Medical and Vassen lenses once you start to investigate the webshop. Four brands may not seem like a huge assortment, but with all the different colors, there are still a lot of models to find. Besides, if you have a hard time deciding, a smaller range is probably a good thing. 

I do, however, miss the really, really big, dolly lenses - I'm a sucker for big sparkly eyes. It would have been nice to see lenses larger than 15 mm. I also notice the prescription lenses don't go above / below (?) ~ 6.00 . . . I'm not sure what that means, as I don't need prescription lenses, but I have seen ~ 8.00 prescription lenses before, so I thought I should mention it.

With the customer service and shipping being so good, I definitely recommend this shop. The staff have been nothing but nice to me ever since that first email, and I was surprised when I got a notification slip from the post office, so shortly after placing my order. 

Go take a look and create your own opinion! 
Here's a little summary and some points, easier to look at: 

Assortment ♡ 6.5/10
Customer service ♡ 10/10
Shipping ♡ 10/10 

 Note: delivery time depends on which shipping method you choose, 
so I guess technically my opinion doesn't matter if you decide to place an order 
and pick a different shipping method.

Super happy I found these, I've missed black lenses like crazy, 
these are kind of perfect. They're very simple, as you can see, which means they blend well with the color underneath - in this case, my actual eyecolor. 

Sadly, they're not as comfortable as the other pair I chose, 
but they're definitely worth the price.

Design ♡ 10/10
Size, 14.2 mm ♡ 7/10 
Comfort ♡ 6.5/10
Price, 18.9 USD ♡ 9/10

Total score ♡ 8/10 

These lenses guys. These lenses. 
I can't think of a clever way to say this but damn, they are so comfortable.

The design is really lovely as well, don't you think? Definitely my new favorites!

Design ♡ 10/10
Size, 14.8 mm ♡ 7.5/10 
Comfort ♡ 10/10
Price, 18.9 USD ♡ 9/10

Total score ♡ 10/10 

So there you go! 
MapleLens is highly recommended by me ( no way ),
I hope I inspired someone out there to check them out. ♪ 

I don't really have anything useful to say here, so I'll just end this post with a litle goodbye. I hope you've all had great summers with lots of sun and lazy nights in front of Netflix! 
I am already fearing winter, but let's not think about that. Happy thoughts. 

Oh, one more thing before I go, don't forget to enter my giveaway! Right about > here. 
It ends August 18, so I guess I'll see you then? 

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


  1. I use MapleLens as long as I can remember and I have the EOS ice pink, too.
    They are simply amazing, right?
    Reading your review actually makes me want to finally place another order after a long time, too.
    I'm desperate for new lenses - d e s p e r a t e.

  2. The ice pink ones look SO COOL on your eyes dear ♡

  3. Really cute lenses *-* they looks so pretty on you, I love your natural colour eyes!

  4. I really LOVE the ice pink ones!! I need them!! And also want them in grey! Nice review

  5. your eyes are a very different shade of blue in the second set of pictures lol

    1. I KNOW it annoyed the crap out of me too, haha. I had to take it at a different time so the light was bette Or I didn't edit the contrast the same way hm. Should fix it.

  6. Wow the pink ones are really interesting. It looks fabulous in combination with your blue eyes (and pink&blue is my fave color combination kkk).