Monday, October 20, 2014

R e v i e w ♡ Pinkicon circle lenses - Naturali Charming Blue & Milky Pink

Pinkicon is a relatively new name on the market, and I was happy to discover a lot of lenses I've never seen on other sites before. Turns out Pinkicon is korean, which explains a thing or two, as I've only looked at japanese lenses before. 

Still, I'm glad to promote something entirely new, this time! 
The staff is really nice, my parcel arrived at my door rather quickly and everything came in cute boxes, with some flyers and instructions. ♪ 

Price -21 USD
Quantity - 5 pairs per box 
Duration - Daily
Size - 14,5 mm

Comfort ♡ 8/10
Design ♡ 10/10
Size ♡ 7/10

P o s i t v e: 
Super comfortable, great design with a very "smooth" effect. My eyes look very shiny and sort of porcelain doll-ish when I'm wearing them. 

N e g a t i v e: 
The fact that these are one day disposal lenses, makes me kind of sad, because I like these and I would love to wear them for more than just a couple of days. I was, however, able to wear the same pair for more than one day, but I can't officially recommend that. I'm also not quite sure how great these would look on darker eyes, I fear they might not look as good as they do on my blue / grey eyes.

S C O R E ♡ 7 / 10

Price - 43 USD
Quantity - 1 pair per box 
Duration - Monthly
Size - 14,5 mm

Comfort ♡ 7/10
Design ♡ 9/10
Size ♡ 7/10

P o s i t i v e: 
Not as comfortable as the first pair, but the design makes up for it. The colors are lovely and as you can see they blend in very well. They're not very obvious, at the same time as they're not exactly too subtle either.

N e g a t i v e: 
Are they worth the 43 dollars, I wonder? If these were one year disposal lenses, the answer would be yes, no doubt about it. But I'm not quite sure I'd be willing to pay that much for lenses I'd have to throw out after a month. 

S C O R E ♡ 6/10

To be fair, these scores are the result of me comparing these lenses to all the one year disposal lenses out there. The duration is what pulls the scores down a bit. 

Had these been yearly lenses, they would both have earned either a 9 or a 10 in total. So, maybe if you're more used to daily and monthly lenses than I am, you'll find these completely irresistible. I could see myself looking past the negative sides just because of the design and comfort of these lenses. Because despite everything, they are some of the most comfortable lenses I've worn, and I think we can all agree they're simply gorgeous. 

Yearly lenses are available on Pinkicon as well, and they have a wide selection of lenses you may not have seen yet - as I mentioned before, I was positively surprised to discover all the models and brands I hadn't seen before. 

So pay them a visit, won't ya? 
5 USD discount if you enter A24680000 when you buy a pair of lenses 
(not toric ones, unfortunately) ! ♪  

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  1. They sound expensive but uwa~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *0*

    Your eyes!! Looks so amazing with both colours, very beautiful!!!

    恵美より ♥