Sunday, May 31, 2015

B o d y ♡ S h o p

I have a few membership and bonus point cards to a few places. One of them is a big grocery store chain called Hemköp, another one is another big grocery store chain called Willys (these are some serious adult points right here), then there is Espresso House because I live in Sweden, where you either drink coffee and have a fika (something to drink and something to nibble on at a café), or die a gruesome, lonely death, H&M, and last but not least – drum roll please – The Body Shop. 10% discount is nice, indeed.

I always go to The Body Shop when I leave my cave and take the metro to the center of Stockholm, just to creep around like a weirdo, spray perfume on myself and smell all of the little test samples. Definitely my favorite place to be when it comes to shops, aside from IKEA, and huge supermarkets.

I mean, just look how neat the shelves are, 
and how simple and pretty the products are. ♪

My goal is to one day own everything on these pictures, to be perfectly honest. That will take me a while though. In the meantime, I just thought I would share my favorite products with you real quick! 

♡ Perfume, or "Eau de toilette" ♡

These, ladies and gents and everyone in between, are my babies. I am obsessed with anything vanilla or coconut scented, and I have been since sixth grade, when I was on a class trip and a classmate of mine decided to poison the air in the girl’s cabin with her vanilla perfume. I have not been able to shut up about my love for vanilla perfume ever since. My dear mother gave me the coconut perfume as a gift after I had finished my level 7 English and Philosophy 1 courses – I lost literally all of my shit, pardon my French – and I later decided to reward myself the vanilla perfume as well. It had been one of those “when you do this you can reward yourself with that” things for me, but mum sort of ruined that for me, and I am so glad she did.

For this price, I have not been able to find good coconut and vanilla perfume anywhere. They each cost 155 SEK, which is about 18 USD (use to convert to your currency), fairly cheap for Body Shop!

I smell like cookies all day long, totally worth every penny. Or, you know, krona, in my case.

♡ Drops of Youth ♡

This is the best thing that has ever happened to me. No, not really. I do value my cat, family and friends higher than this unbelievably amazing skin care series, but you get what I am trying to say. Exaggerating for added effect.

The Drops of Youth series!

The Bouncy Sleeping Mask is the best one of them all. You put it on about an hour before bed, sleep, and wake up with a new born baby face. Put on some of the day cream for the same series, and you are good to go.

I am not big on skin care. Questions on the subject usually makes me go “…well, I remove my makeup with liquid hand soap and… then use whatever moisturizer I have within reach… sometimes hand lotion.” I really could not be bothered. The liquid hand soap remains the same, but I can at least recommend this now.

They are a little expensive, sadly, but with the sleeping mask for example, you only have to use a tiny little drop, so they will last for ages. The Bouncy Sleeping Mask is 325 SEK, 38 USD, and the Smoothing Day Cream is 285 SEK, 33 USD.

There is also a face wash and some other products from the same series, but these are the ones I use, and I do not miss the other products. I am not made of money, after all.

♡ Shower Gel and Body Butter ♡

Bonus - Snow Fairy from Lush. Fantastic. 
Other than that, I must say I prefer the chocolate shower gel, 
and the coconut body butter, but these are the ones I have at home.

Do I need to explain why it is nice to smell like cookies and fresh fruit?

There are smaller bottles of shower gel and smaller tubs of body butter, unfortunately I cannot find them online, but anyway; the large tubs of body butter cost 185 SEK, 21 USD, and the large bottles of shower gel cost 85 SEK, which is about 10 USD. I think I think I remember the small tubs of body butter cost around 60 SEK, 7 USD, and the shower gel something close to 40 SEK, 4-5 USD.

If I remember to check next time I go into town I will update this post. I apologize in advance for forgetting. At least I have been somewhat thorough this far, right?

They have a ton of other great products as well, but these are the main ones. I do not think I need to mention any more products, it would most likely just get tedious, I do not wish to make you yawn. And besides, every product comes in so many different scents, these few I have mentioned in this post are more than enough. Mango, coconut, strawberry, hazelnut, Aloe Vera, chocolate, go have a look for yourself!

I know The Body Shop is a bit pricey, and I do try to mostly recommend cheaper products, but you know what? Spending a little more on a few treats is so worth it. You will most likely end up using it a lot more than you would have used a few cheaper, less nice products, anyway. Expensive products tend to last a whole lot longer as well. At least that is what I have experienced so far.

Take it from a true cheap skate; Treat yo’ self every now and then.

You will most likely actually save money by doing so, because you will not feel like “well this is cheap so I might as well buy four wait why am I not using these?”

That is it for me! Now please do have a nice week. ♡

P.S. Next stop; Japan part three! Thank you all for bearing with me and my long writing time, and for all the lovely comments you have left on my previous posts! I am very. very thankful and I want to hug every single one of you. 


  1. 10% discount??? My Body Shop card doesn't do that, get on with it, Spain. All I have is a crappy 2€ discount once I've spent a certain amount.

    1. Seriously?? What the heck. I get a 10% discount and 100 SEK to shop for on my birthday... (That's like eh, 11 EUR.) Come on Spainnn.

    2. Oh it gets better. I got an email last night saying that from the first of September on, I will need to effectively spend 100€ to get a measly 5€ discount ticket. What the fuck. Seriously. (Before it was 2€ every 40€ spent, which is also crappy but less crappy?)

    3. ...Body Shop what the actual fuck are you doing? 2 for every 40? 100 for 5? EUR is a lot of money??? So many questionmarks. Move to Sweden dude.

  2. I think that there's a Body Shop in my city but I never tried anything about this brand, I think I should :3

  3. I sometimes buy their skincare products when they have on sale, the moisturisers are just amazing i also use the spray oil for my afro hair <3
    I really wanna try more of their stuff ;3; think if you buy more than 400-500SEK of thier products you get a discount too :) its really worth it!

  4. There is a bodyshop in my city too ^^ I have started to by some hair products from there last year. I love their oil spray and a vitman e moisturise I use, its really amazing for my dry hair and skin, I must go buy form them again!
    Really want to try out they perfume and other skincare products too! I think you can get a discount too if tyou buy for 400-500 SEK form them.