Monday, July 20, 2015

t u t o r i a l ♡ video and product list!

I have to say, this turned out a bit awkward, I had to cut it quite ruthlessly to not make it too long (I started with 50 minutes and literally butchered it to get down to 10),
the camera angle in the talking parts was a bit unfortunate, so enjoy the lovely sight of the underside of my chin.

Now, I always apologize too much, so I will bother you no longer.

Modern Witch Vibe Makeup Tutorial
A little inspired by American Horror Story: Coven

p r o d u c t s ♡ u s e d

B r u s h e s :
Every day is Caturday set from Forever21 (standard flat brush)
H&M's own brand ("smokey" eyes brush, round and angle brush)

L e n s e s :
GEO HoliCat Sexy Cat Grey (click)
- Get them from Pinkyparadise, and apply coupon code irodohieru!

La s h e s : 
Dolly Wink
Top & bottom (click)
Duo eyelash adheshive

F o u n d a t i o n : 
MAC Studio Fix Fluid, NC15
Manic Panic Dreamtonic White (it's vegan!)

P o w d e r & b l u s h :
MAC Blot Powder Pressed, Light
Estée Lauder Deluxe All-Over Face Compact

E y e s h a d o w : 
Too Faced Chocolate Bar
- White Chocolate, Marzipan, Black Forest Truffle, Triple Fudge, Haute Chocolate

M a s c a r a : 
Isadora False Lash Wings

E y e l i n e r & e y e b r o w p e n :
Dolly Wink
Off brand liquid eyeliner
Isadora Eyebrow Pencil, 21 Dark Brown

L i p s : 
The Balm How 'bout Them Apples? cheek and lip cream palette
- Caramel, Cider
Clinique sheer lipgloss (that I hae had for at least five years, no shame...)


Thank you for watching,
and please enjoy this sexy foursome of screenshots.


  1. Wow Iro your english is absolutely perfect. I understood everything in this video.. I am from Slovakia so english is not my mother tongue and in a lot of videos I don't understand everything... I love your style so much... and first video? Really?! You look in this video like it is normal thing for you... I am so excited for another video!

    1. Thank you haha ♥ My bro speaks English like he's born and raised in England, it is HARD to not feel a little insecure around that... but anyway. Thank you! Again. You're so sweet.

  2. Right, I'm finally watching and first of all I wonder why the url says "tutoril" when there's no such typo on the title hmmm...
    Also the first thing I did was look at the comments (wow, you have a hater! Are you proud?) and decide I'd rather comment you on here.
    You know, I've always been curious about how one handles piercings when putting on makeup, glad you showed that.
    The video was cool, if a bit awkward, but that's part of your charm XDD
    You may tell your dad that his song is cute, as is his daughter /bricked
    ok bye

    1. Oh my god thank you ♥ Haha you're so smooth :--) I'm glad you liked even the awkward parts, some have asked about the piercing thing so I thought I'd show the beautiful process. I'll tell my dad! He's been asking "ARE THERE ANY COMMENTS ON THE MUSIC" sooo...!
      Oh and by the way, I'm actually just AMAZED at how long that hate message was?? Like, how long did it take that person to write it? I feel honored.

    2. right? The hate comment was so long I didn't even read it, so much effort lolol

  3. Tyckte så mkt om denna videon!