Sunday, September 2, 2012

New products in my little store ☆

Evening bloggy! 

So the only thing I've been doing for the past few weeks is sewing my fingers off, basically. Finally finished everything up today and took some pictures of my work. And here's the result! 

First up is "Bubblegum Bitch"
Probably my favorite! I wouldn't really wear it myself, but whatever. I'm happy with it ♬ And it's called Bubblegum Bitch so what's not to love, right. 

☆ One Bubblegum Bitch up for sale ☆

"Lavender Baby" 

☆ Two Lavender Babies up for sale as well ☆

Named after my favorite Sucker Punch hero. 

☆ One Babydoll up for sale ☆

"Little Mermaid" 
A successful experiment, I'd say! Turquoise x black was requested by a nice tumblrer, so I made a prototype and it turned out quite nice! 

☆ One Little Mermaid swimming in the ocean ☆

(Dear god what did I just write)

"Snow White" 
Can't go wrong with the classic black and white ~ 

☆ Four Snow Whites up for sale ☆

All of them are up for sale now on my storenvy → 

I'll also sell some at the Japanese Flea Market here in Sweden this October. 

Anyways, would like to once again thank everyone who's constantly giving me feedback and keeping me going with so much kindness. I love you sweethearts. I wish you all the best in the world ♥ And also, thanks to everyone who suggested and requested colors! I hope what I've made lived up to what you had in mind. At least a little bit! 

Hope everyone's having a great Sunday!
Hugs and kisses from iro


  1. They are so cute! When are you going to restock on the snow white? I just checked and they are sold out! Have a nice day❤

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately... right now it looks like I won't be able to restock on the snow white until the beginning of November due to the fact that I'm under 18 and have to go through my dad to purchase large quantities of material online. But I'll see what I can do! ♥ depending on how sales are going, I might make more black and white ones instead of for example turquoise (I've only finished one turquoise but saved an empty headband to pit roses on, so I might as well make another black and white one of that "empty canvas").

  2. Shoot! The Snow White one sold so quickly!!!! >.< That would fit best with my wardrobe but they're all so pretty! Wonderful work!

    1. I just added two black and white ones since they sold out so quickly (check the reply I gave to the comment above). Thank you! ( ∙ ω ∙ )

  3. I LOVE them dear *w* your works are always so amazing! After my travel in october I'll surely buy one of them awwww ♥♥!

    1. Aww, thank you cutiepie! They'll be waiting for you~ I'm so so so glad you like them, it means a lot ( ; ω ; )♡♬

  4. gorgeous!! I am mounting a pressure campaign against my parents to buy one for me!! One day............

    1. Haha! We'll they'll be waiting for you too~ so happy you like them dear!

  5. I really want to buy 1 Babydoll and 1 Snow White for me and my sister. When will they next be made? :D

    1. Now in october or november! I have all the supplies, I just have to sew a shitload of roses, pardon my french~ I'll hurry for you! ♥