Wednesday, May 22, 2013

iro ♡ Stay Cute

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and all you in between! 

I know I've tweeted about the fact that I've been writing on my second post on Amsterdam, which has taken some time because going through the pictures was way too much fun, and I couldn't resist procrastinating Photoshop-style. And, on top of that, exciting things have gotten in the way, so Amsterdam part two will have to stay in my pile of drafts for now! 

What exciting things, you ask? Well, you probably don't ask, since it's pretty damn obvious. I'm kind of shoving it in your face, aren't I? That's right. 

The prettiest deco case from Stay Cute jumped through my mailbox earlier today!

I love it so much ♪ Just look at this bad boy, 
it's like someone threw a pile of pastries on my phone and topped it off with some roses and glitter. 

The case is handmade by suteshi @ tumblr, and you can go get one yourself at her etsy shop -! This was actually customized for me, since she made a shoutout looking for people that might be interested in her cases. Since I have the case next to me right now, I was obviously interested, so I listed a ton of things I liked, and this was the result! 

I literally threw in every little thing I liked, so I'm surprised she actually managed to make something with a little bit of everything I like. It even sort of looks like an outfit I wore recently, haha.

Though it was customized for me and my iPhone 4, I looked at the shop just now, and it seems like you can order this design and get it customized to fit your phone too? And it seems like you can get a case with this design for iPod and Nintendo too. It says that it is available for any device with a hard case. I should probably double check this before posting but I kind of want to surprise her and... okay, going with my gut on this one. 

You can find this case right about here → click, click. 
It came with a screen protector and extra gems too, in case some would fall off.

I've never owned a deco case before so I'm a little afraid to actually move it around, but hey, my phone looks like a pastry, so I'll survive. Thank you so much Suteshi! 


That's it for today, if anyone's reading this. Sorry for being rather hyperactive. I've gone back to caffeinated tea after only drinking rooibos for a week. And I'm finally feeling a little better after spending way too much time with my couch, feeling sick-ish and PMS-ing. So there's a lot of extra energy over here. Sigh. I'm sorry. 

I'll log off now and go bother someone else. Maybe finish my Amsterdam post. Hm. We'll see. 

Take care until next time! (๑・ω-)~♥”


  1. It's lovely! I really want a new case, but I don't have money to buy a premade case, or the energy to make one my self :P

    1. I know that feeling, I feel lucky to have this one, I could never make a deco case myself.. but if you just want a regular case, they have cheap and cute ones on ebay! ( ^ - ^ )

  2. whaaah ;v; soooo cuuute! *V* I will check out her shop at once!
    I love your taste this thing is totally adorbs x 1000! >v< thihi

    1. Do it! Oh I think you'd love the cases, they're so cuuuute ε-(´∀`; ) and thank you dear! Your taste is quite fantastic too ♥ !

  3. Uwaaaahhh so kawaii! <3

  4. The question is.... can she make me a blackxgold case covered in skulls and crosses and chains.

    That is the only question.

    ...although I do not have an iPhone yet so maybe it will have to be an iTouch case, in which case, can it withstand being crushed by a train?

    1. That is a tough one. You should send her a polite message, she might tone down the kawaii-ness and make it in unbreakable -instert some strong material I can't think of atm - and bubblewrap, if you ask nicely. Trains will bounce off that thing if your wish is granted.