Sunday, April 6, 2014

F O L L O W ♡ U P ♡ S H E I N S I D E

So here's a little follow-up to my Sheinside post . . .

They have been nice enough to allow me to try on some of their awesome clothes and share them with you guys, which is what I'm going to do right here! ♪

Here's my very first "Sheinside outfit" - I will come up with a better name when I'm not so tired, I apologize on behalf of my brain. 

I already posted it on Tumblr, but hey, 
no harm in abusing this opportunity to write a bit more! 

The top says "PARENTAL ADVISORY", somewhere under my hair (find it → here), and I love it to d e a t h. I was worried about the size before it arrived, as I wasn't very familiar with the accuracy of the sizes of Sheinside clothes, but it wasn't too tiny nor too big, it was very lagom, as we say here in Sweden. Perfect. Plus, super comfy. 

I suspect I will wear it a lot, allow me to say sorry in advance. 

And then there's the skirt (lookie  → here). I have a love for patterns, can't help it. I thought it'd be a great contrast to the top, and I really like the result. Simple but kind of classy. I was a bit inspired by Juria-ish fashion, not sure if I succeeded, it might be too simple . . . but I like simple, so whatever. 

You know, it feels good sharing more fashion thingies here? I never really know what to write, so I end up going crazy when inspiration hits me. As you may have noticed. 

I have more tutorial like things I want to write though, so that will be a bit "on the same topic" as well. As for now, time to stop myself before writing too much. 

One hour left of this week, so have a great next week! I just booked flight tickets to Japan so I am GOING CRAZY WITH HAPPINESS. This will be a good week. If you feel differently, soak up my excitement, I have enough to share with all 808 of you. Ok?! Ok. 

Goodnight. ♥


  1. Okej du var suuuuperfin i de här kläderna, kjolen var så himla fin. Och ps, dödsavundsjuk på Japanresan 8)

  2. Congrats on your trip to Japan.
    I'll get there one day.

    Love the shirt btw. ^.^

  3. I love to top but because of some issues I'm not sure if I'll ever oder at Sheinside.
    Eitherway, I'm getting way too excited over you going to Japan - prolly because it's just one week since I'm back from there and want to go back OH SO DAMN BADLY (sorry for the capslock).
    Anyway, I hope you'll have an awesome time (no, actually I'm sure you will)!
    And I'll just stay here, being sad and homesick for Tokyo. ;A; <3

  4. Wonderful outfit. <3

  5. So jealous of your trip to Japan! Haha, I'm saving up too, i can't wait!! Also i love the way you put the two items together, you are always too good at doing that! :3