Tuesday, March 11, 2014

i n s p i r a t i o n X s h e i n s i d e

It's been a while since I made a fashion post, hasn't it?
Time to change that.

Most of us have probably heard of Sheinside.com already. Personally, it's a site I've always been kind of a closet-fan of, as I'm saving money for Japan and therefore decided to ban shopping. But! That doesn't mean I can't soak up inspiration and share some things that I've been drooling over. And it doesn't mean that I can't get ANYTHING either, I mean . . .

Innocent coughing. I really need some inspiration, believe me. Winter is depressing. Especially in Sweden.

So, I parked my ass on the couch and decided to comb through the sea of awesome clothes Sheinside has to offer. I realized the style really reminds me of H&M's clothes, which I do not mind. H&M is like a drug to me. And Sheinside is actually a lot cheaper, plus free shipping. I do not mind that either.

Let us cut the crap and begin.
For starters...

My recent out of the blue slap of inspiration: 

♡ Crop tops ♡ 
♡ Shirts with a mix of semi-transparent and non-transparent parts ♡
♡ Crop tops with a mix of semi-transparent and non transparent parts ♡
♡ Lace ♡ 
Flower patterns. 
♡ Sport-like shirts, you know with numbers and stripes on the sleeves? ♡
♡ Cute pastels, white and earth colors ♡
♡ Black and white sharp contrasts ♡ 

Street snaps ! !
Picture credit to Tokyo Fashion, my one-sided eternal love. 

It's a real contrast, I guess. Elegant and a little frilly vs. dark and kind of fabulously fierce. 
Did I just use the word fierce, wow, I talk like Tyra Banks.

Like I mentioned before, Sheinside is a sea of clothes, so this took some serious time. After plowing through e v e r y category and e v e r y page within e v e r y category, I made these little sets of clothes that I wanted to share with you guys! 

♡ n o . 1 ♡

♡ n o . 2 ♡

 . . . okay, I take the "little" back, these sets are kind of big. 
I got excited, don't judge me.

Dresses x Tops x Bottoms

Sheinside is an excellent example of a site that can work as a substitute for real Harajuku shopping, if you're stuck on the wrong side of the planet with no money, like me. Cheap, free shipping, rather fabulous. As an answer to many of the "where do I find clothes?!?!" questions I get - check out sheinside.com !

So, thoughts, comments, favorites? Any inspiration to share?
Drop me a line in the comments section (。´∀`)ノ

Over and out for now, have a great week! 

(And remember that I love you in case I don't survive the hectic feverish hellhole of exams and examination essays I'm trying to climb out of at the moment). 


  1. So many lovely clothes♥ Lately I fell in love with mix of black, white and pastel colours. I love frilly shirts and those black dress with a collar is awesome. And also that hoodie with Mike Wazowski is simply amazing♥
    Thank you for such lovely post^^ Spring is full of nice outfits because it isn't too cold or hot;;. And also lots of luck with your exams!

    1. Sounds like we have very similar taste! Black and white with some pastel details are just, waaah ♪ And elegant collars are also to die for.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the post sweetie! And thank you very much! ♥

  2. Yeah, I'm also stuck in the wrong side of the planet and I never have any money. And to complete my wonderful life, I live in a place where rarely gets cold, but I l-o-v-e winter clothes ; _ ;

  3. Literally everything here! *_* I ttly love the dark colors and black/white crossing! That ying&yang shirt HNNNG <3 också blomtrycker på jackan,tjocktröjan och blusen m.m fått en förälskelse på det ett tag tillbaka! ^_^

  4. OMG so much awesome! I guess I have to save money now :O

  5. I really like the contrasting combinations you have going on here. My favorite is the lilac sweater and the bra let. Thanks for posting!

    I'm new the the blogosphere. Just wanted to drop by and say hi. I'm new to the niche. I'm trying to start my own kawaii lifestyle and photo journal -- http://kawaiipinkuu.blogspot.com
    I think you might like it! ^.^