Tuesday, June 10, 2014

J u n e ♡ o b s e s s i o n s

Dear readers,
Today we are going to talk about obsessions. 

No, I am not talking about Orange Is the New Black. Even if that is an even bigger obsession than the obsession I have dedicated this post to. 

This is very out of context, and I apologize, but I really have to share. 

It's seriously getting embarrassing. I've spent the past few days on the couch, drinking tea, laughing, crying, making funny noises, blowing my nose, wheezing out my feels and having long conversations with myself about how much I love that damn Netflix masterpiece. Orange Is the New Black has been my life and my wife for the past few days. I haven't replied to texts, caught up with my Twitter feed, I just put my phone in the other room and let my emotions run wild. And I mean a lot of emotions. 

Let me add even more details to this already shameful picture; 

Season two was released this Friday. While preparing for season two, I spent both Wednesday and Thursday watching season one, again. When I was done with season one, the countdown clock said that there were still 9 hours left. No, I did not stare at it for 9 hours. I'm not that crazy. I slept for about 8.5 hours, made some tea, stared at the clock for 15 minutes. 

Then I binge-watched season two, cried, laughed, everything I mentioned above, and when it was over I felt empty and dead inside. 

So now I'm watching season one again.
I will not judge you if you judge me for this, no. 

Please watch Orange Is the New Black and talk to me about it. Okay? 
Thank you. Moving on.

I am a person who easily gets obsessed with things, to sum it all up. Now it's time to talk fashion. Fashion obsessions. Probably not as scary as the obsession I've just finished ranting about.

It can be anything, a hat, those skeleton tights I wore for like two years straight, a color, a pattern, you get it. I see something, my brain goes "SPECTACULAR" and I immediately need a whole new wardrobe and feel like my entire life has been a lie. 

It's terrible, I feel like an addict who can't decide what to be addicted to. 

Anyhow, to get to the point; this happened very recently, when I was browsing Tokyo Fashion's Tumblr and stumbled upon this fabulous lady. 

For the past few months, I've been all about lace and eyepatches, swirly patterns, more elegant things, but now I suddenly feel like drowning myself in black and white, wear futuristic skirts and plastic platform shoes. 

I repeat; it feels like my entire life has been a lie and I need a whole new wardrobe. Preferably now. 

Being on a tight budget means I will not be able to follow my new dream, however, which is probably a good thing. I have bought some new things, for some of my savings, but you know what, working with what I've already got is so much better - this is what I tell myself to calm my inner shopaholic. 

Inspiration is always good, even if you can't get your hands on everything new you might want. I haven't felt excited about fashion at all lately, but this gave me a real kick in the butt. As you could see in my last entry, I have already slipped back to the more street-y side of my wardrobe, even if I weren't completely happy with how those two simple outfits turned out. 

Now, as Sheinside.com has asked me to make another collage for them, I thought I'd take this opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and create a collage inspired by my new found inspiration. 

Here we go! 

1 ♡ 2 ♡ 34 ♡ 5 ♡

Maybe this collage and the links will help one or two of you, if my insanity has somehow rubbed off on you. My fingers are very itchy, but I will contain myself. Even if I can't get everything at the moment, gathering as much inspiration as possible is always a good idea!

That's a fashion tip.
I am getting better at this fashion blogging thing.

Anyhow. I apologize for potential typos and other strange things you may have come across in this post. I have sinusitis, apparently, so my head is in outer space while I'm here, on the couch, writing a bunch of nonsense. This is also my last week of freedom before I start working, so I really hope to get better in a few days. Wish me luck.

I hope you're all having a great week!
Hugs and kisses 'til next time, ok. ♪ 


  1. Truly inspirational and I mean it.
    Despite - I know that feeling of getting obsessed with stuff. Though I prefer the term... 'passioned'.
    Oh, okay. I really should stop lying to myself but anyway. I really love to get inspired and I get that a lot from you... so thanks for that, I guess.
    I hope you'll feel well, soon again!

    1. Haha, yeah, I do really get obsessed though. I get scary. But it's okay! Thank you so much sweetie. ♥

  2. Teheh, I know what it is like to be sooooo obsessed on a serie (I myself can't stop watching one while I have so much more important things to do...help ! XD), even thought I don't watch Orange is the new black~
    That's true that some of the fashion pieces you posted are really nice ! I visited sheinside.com to see some clothes on your collage and now I can't stop to find amazing things to wear ;-;

  3. Svart och vitt är guuuuuuuuld<3<3 VAD KUL du passar så grymt bra i de wow tbh du passar i allt! Ska bli kul å se vad du lyckas koka ihop heheh!

  4. I didn't know sheinside had those items... IDK why it somehow reminds me of monomania (the last two items) so, thank you for the links!
    I love your blog and your style is so inspiring and awesome <3


  5. Hihi, feel you. Well my mind is always pretty much caught up on some serie. But I watch them so quickly that almost every week I am obssessed with another. Same goes with music and other things. Orange Is the New Black is on my watch list. Need to watch it soon!
    Struggles with fashion are horrible;;. Also like lots of styles but can't wear them all as much as I want.
    Black is an awesome colour♥ And I guess sailor kind of tshirt is just a must have thing for summer for me.
    Your fashion posts are so inspiring!

  6. Someone posted season two was a waste of their time and I had the most violent laugh ever and wanted to b-slap them. It was bad. I had to take control of myself. I understand completely the insanity that Orange is the New Black will put you through. COMPLETELY.

    In other topics, that girl seriously knows how to work that skirt. I don't know how I can't not want to go out and find a plastic skirt and print leggings. What have you done?! Haha jk.

    You definitely make me want to jump back into blogging, though (: I've been working on getting things together this month just have to force myself out of my Orange cycle. So thanks for that push!

  7. wow! This outfit is super cute! I love the sailor top, and the semi-translucent skirt and polka-dotted leggings are totally unique! Great find~~