Wednesday, July 9, 2014

t u t o r i a l x r e v i e w ♡ glitter eye makeup and Princess Pinky Eclipse, from!

Tutorial time, finally!
But first things first, let me introduce you to my new favorite pair of lenses.

P r i n c e s s P i n k y E c l i p s e

Firstly, let me just say these look wonderful on blue eyes. They're inspired by the movie Frozen, and look really cartoon-ish in a way, reminds me of crystals too. Which is something Frozen also reminds me of. 

Diameter: 14,5 mm
Water content: 38 %
Duration: One year disposal

If you ask me, they actually look bigger than 14,5 mm, which I like, because I love lenses with that effect. Big eyes, I'm a fan. They're very comfortable too, although after a long day, they do get a bit itchy. But, as we all know, that's the case with most lenses. 

Design: 10/10
Comfort: 7/10
General score: 9/10

I highly recommend these for blue eyes, in particular, they're also available in brown, green and blue, for example. Check the whole series out -- here! 

The grey ones are found right here, for 28 USD, which is a good price for a good pair of lenses. Absolutely worth it. And Pinkyparadise have always offered great customer service, so you won't regret it. 

If you apply coupon code irodohieru you will also get a mystery gift and a cute animal themed lens case! ♡

G l i t t e r ♡ e y e ♡ m a k e u p

This one has actually been requested, which makes me feel kind of fuzzy on the inside, since it means someone out there thinks I've done something good enough to share. It's an honor, so thank you very much. I'll do my best, okay. ♪

Firstly, I would like to thank Emilia, who is one of my best friends and also known as Pastelbat, for opening my eyes and showing me this kind of makeup. She threw it on my face when I modeled for her school's fashion show, and I wouldn't know how to do it or even get the idea to try it myself, if she hadn't glittered me up. So thank you, Buttis!

Secondly, I would have loved to make a video of this, but the MacBook I used to film and edit my previous YouTube videos with, was actually just a rental laptop from hairdressing school - which means I had to give it back, obviously. Total heartbreak. The HP Envy I weirdly enough managed to save up to promised a good webcam but honestly, it sucks camel fur. So I'm kind of screwed until I can afford a better webcam, or camera, to record my nonsense blabbering and confused instructions with.

I actually think this one will be better written down though, so let's stay positive. 
And let's get started! 

What I love about this makeup, is how versatile it actually is. You can add as much or as little as you want, go with any color you like, or why not all colors you like... and it is still super simple. 

So let us begin with step one; 

Step one ♡ Base makeup

I'm not going to get very detailed here and describe exactly how I apply my everyday makeup. Why? Because it is not important - apply your own standard makeup. 

You might also want to dust the area you're going to cover with glitter with some eyeshadow, but I chose not to do that this time. I'm going to apply eyeshadow on top of the first layer of glitter. It all depends on how much colorful you want to get.

And please, make sure to control your eyebrows to avoid weird unexpected photobombs when you're trying to take nice pictures for your blog. I'm looking at you, strange hair to the left.

My routine is as follows: 
1. Circle lenses
2. Eyeshadow (you can see how I apply it on the picture)
3. Eyeliner and mascara
4. False lashes
5. More eyeshadow under the bottom line of lashes
6. Blush and eyebrows

Tip: If you want some inspiration, go YouTube-ing! 
There are so, so many great tutorials out there, so go nuts. 

Step two ♡ Tools

 1. Eyeshadow. For this tutorial, I decided to go with a grey scale, which is why I picked this eyeshadow palette from H&M. You can go with any color you want, however, which means you can go with any eyeshadow you want!

2. A foundation or blush brush. The one I use is from Mac. It's a foundation brush originally, but it's very soft and I discovered it is perfect for this kind of makeup, and also for applying blush.

3. Eyelash glue. I use Ardell's LashGrip, but you can go with any brand you like. Just make sure you're not allergic or sensitive!

4. A regular paintbrush. A makeup brush will work too, but maybe you don't want to ruin it, like I did the first two times I did this makeup. There will be a lot of glue and glitter - a paintbrush is more up for the task.

5. Something bowl-like. I went with a ceramic bowl we usually keep butter in. So, anything works. 

6. Glitter! The most important thing you need to get your hands on, obviously. For this tutorial, I only used these glitter flakes from a local arts and crafts supply store - Panduro Hobby.

The glitter flakes are great if you want an airy, feather or crystal-like result, but I suggest you take a trip to your nearest hobby store and see what they have to offer, inhale some inspiration and ideas. Maybe you'd like to decorate your cheeks with hearts, stars or snowflakes. Endless possibilities!

You don't have to limit yourself to just one type or color of glitter either. Mix and match however you want, and don't worry if you're unhappy with the result. Just learn from your mistake and move on, try something else.

Step three ♡ Glue

Squirt out some glue right about there and brush it out with your paintbrush. You don't need to be too careful. As long as you use a good amount of glue, it doesn't need to be even and pretty. Start by the corner of your eye, and cover the area where you want to apply the glitter. Don't be afraid to get close to your eyelashes or makeup. 

Step four ♡ Glitter

Now, for some reason, my dear old Nikon refused to cooperate and focus on... well, any part of this picture, but you can see that I, after pouring the glitter flakes into the little bowl, dipped the same paintbrush I used for the glue in the glitter. 

You may think the glitter will just stick to the glue on the brush, but it won't. Pat the glittery brush against the glue on your cheek, and it will hop right onto your skin!

Side note; Do you see how shimmery these glitter flakes are? Ahh. ♪

Apply some more glue on top of the first layer of glitter, then dip and pat on some more glitter, keep going until you're happy with the result. Glue, glitter, glue. The more the better. Remember, you don't want it to fall off. 

Get messy! Once the glue dries and turns transparent, it'll look surprisingly neat and tidy.

Step five ♡ Repeat and polish!

This step is almost too obvious, but this would not be a proper tutorial if I skipped it.
Repeat what you just did on the right or left side, on the opposite side.

1. Apply a layer of glue.
2. Dip your paintbrush in glitter.
3. Pat on the glitter with the brush.
4. Glitter, glue, glitter, glue... 
5. Make sure you're happy with both sides.
6. Drown in glitter and die a fabulous death.

Step six ♡ Eyeshadow

Use the brush of your choice - in my case, my foundation brush - and dip it in the eyeshadow of your choice. In my case, white. Pat it lightly all over the area, and don't worry about hiding too much of your base makeup - you can always add more eyeliner, for example, later on.

The big, soft brush is perfect for applying a dusty layer of eyeshadow over the glitter and base makeup, without irritating the eyes or messing anything up. I highly recommend it. I found mine on eBay for basically no money at all.

I finished by adding just a little bit of grey eyeshadow. You can also apply more glitter here, if you want to.

 Step seven ♡ Finishing touches

You can't spend too much time on finishing touches, if you ask me, so use the tools I have given you here and perfect your makeup until you're 100% satisfied and feeling awesome. And if you think it's hard - practice! 

Add some more glitter, add some more eyeshadow, add some more dark colors to your eyelids to give your base makeup a little push through the glitter... 

Step eight ♡ Final result

So there you go! 
Have an awkward picture of me awkwardly posing to show you the result.

I'm a little bit unhappy with the left side here on this picture, as it is a bit uneven, but both you and I can just ignore it and simply avoid this little mistake in the future, right?

Take a look at the different pictures I posted at the beginning of this tutorial again, and remember the different colors and types of glitter you can go with. I chose white this time, to stay neutral, but colorful cheeks are my new favorite thing, so I suggest you go nuts. You can create all kinds of different looks with this technique, once you master it - which you will, because it is so, so easy. 

Have fun, and please write me and show me the result here if you decide to give it a try! 
Really, I'd love to see it. ♪


I hope this tutorial was somewhat helpful for someone out there, and I would like to thank you all for stopping by and for reading my blog. I really appreciate your decision to spend some time with me! 

 Now I'm going to do what I always do and end this day with an unhealthy amount of tea, before falling asleep in front of Desperate Housewives. Have a lovely summer until next time, everyone! I wish you sunshine and happiness and all of that crap. Hugs! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


  1. You look awesome :) Nice tutorial thank you for posting!

    1. Thank you dear! I'm glad you liked it! ♥

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    On the subject of cameras, didn't you have an iphone? I thought iphone cameras were good quality, have you tried that?
    I would suggest, for anyone who doesn't want to risk ruining any brushes (or who doesn't want to clean them, I'm all up for not needing to clean brushes) that it can be done just with your fingers too, since it doesn't need to be neat or precise.
    Now on the subject of brushes, you found a MAC brush for nearly no money at all? What is this magic you speak of. Tho I don't suppose you care if it's real MAC or not since it's so soft you clearly like it anyway.
    Now the importantest question of all: is this easy to remove? I'm always scared of glitter because it gets everywhere and it's messy and often I think it's not worth the trouble despite how pretty it looks while it lasts.
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