Wednesday, December 2, 2015

c a p i t o l ♡ f a s h i o n : That is MAHOGANY!

As the title of this post reveals, this one is about capitol inspired looks. More specifically what I experimented with earlier today. If you, for some reason, have missed The Hunger Games movies, let me quickly break it down for you: 

This is not a spoiler so do not start with me. The capitol is a perfect example of how a manipulative leader can turn people into ignorantly blissful puppets, living in their own little bubble, shielded from oppression and struggles people face, outside that bubble. A competition where tweens and teens from the districts outside the capitil are forced to fight and kill each other, until there is only one of them left.

President snow. Katniss, the main character in the books, turns into a rebel. War and bla bla bla. One of the best book series - and movies - I have ever come across.

Any, way!

The capitol may be a nightmare representation of a large chunk of the things that are wrong with this world, but damn, are the citizens fashionable. Like, crazy fashionable. Literally. 

Effie Trinket is a Queen. 

Guess which one I was most inspired by?
Look at this. I mean. The makeup. The hair. 

I could not help myself, after watching the final movie, and decided to play around with some makeup and bomb my face with glitter and whatnot, because I may not want to become one of them, but I would love to occasionally at least look like them.

So this happened:

I used so many products I cannot even name all of them, will name the most essential ones right below! I do not even know if anyone wants to read how this happened.
But I figured I should include it, just in case.

p r o c e d u r e

So, how did I do this? 
Well, for starters, white foundation is, as I wrote on Twitter, "a pain in all of my asses." To be fair I have not tried any other brands, maybe there are some better more high-end alternatives, but the one I used from Manic Panic required quite a lot of work to get this result. 

You basically have to work in layers. Use a round makeup sponge - an egg sponge, is what they are called - and pat it on. Do not just smear it, pat it on. I cannot stress this enough, it will look awful otherwise. So, a little bit at a time, set it with a very light powder. I used Make Up Store's lightest shade, and I used lots and lots of it, to force this mess to set. Thankfully it obeyed eventually. 

After that, winged waterproof eyeliner, heaps of color! I used an eyeshadow palette from eBay, with all the colors of the rainbow and many more, a white eyeliner from Isadora, and Maybelline's 24 Hour Tattoo eyeshadow, in white. So eyeliner and white eyeshadow in the corner of my eye - a technique I use all the time, makes the eyes look bigger - yellow over the lid, then a mix of orange and brown, that I powdered my cheeks with as well. Then glitter, attached with eyelash glue. And then eyelashes. From Dolly Wink. And white mascara on my own lashes. 

I should do a tutorial on this, maybe. Boy is it hard to explain in text. 
I am sorry. 

I am honestly very pleased with the result, although I went with a less colorful and vibrant version. A me version, so to speak. I need to get some crazy clothes so I can do this properly, head to toe... And convince my friends to join me. Like a, weird mafia. 

Anyway anyway. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think! If you have any thoughts, that is. I would appreciate it a lot. And, if you have ever been inspired by The Capitol yourself, share! I would love to see it. ♡

Night night for now buddies!


  1. You look gorgeous and the make up is amazing ;-;
    Thank you for the post it was really entertaining to read it ♡

  2. This is a beautiful look.
    I love your interpretation of the capitol makeup.
    You should definitely do a video tutorial!

  3. That outfit and maku-up looks really cool ! I was thinking about douing something like that too, but then I realize that I don't have enough crazy cloths or some wig for that =D But I love all of that costumes in movie and I'd love to make some of them, It must be fun =D

    And doing some badass capitol mafia sound good =D You should do that ! =D

    Have a nice day + sorry for my not-so-good english =)

  4. You should totally do a makeup tutorial on this! I love it! You look amazing! :)

  5. I still need to watch the movies and read the books.... but I'm so behind with all of that OTL
    Anyway, I absolutely adore your Effie inspired look! You look amazing! I love the hair and the butterflies and - well actually everything. I wish I could pull off glitter like that ;;

  6. Your makeup is really amazing and idk you're just perfect!
    I love Effie looks and perfection too *-* I'm in love with her style.
    But you're on her level cutie <3

  7. Älskar denna så otroligt mycket!! Du är så vacker och talangfull!