Tuesday, December 1, 2015

l i f e ♡ u p d a t e : December 2015 edition

Winter is here, and I have not updated in a while. So here is a picture of the sleeve of the best thing I have ever bought, and a mindless update about my life. I will whine a little bit but end on a positive note. Enjoy!

Every single time I get to experience a couple of great weeks, full of energy and fun plans, life decides to slap me in the face. I applied for the 5 week science course when I thought I applied for the 10 week course, did not realize until two weeks had gone by... Thus, did not sleep for three weeks because I had to work, science is not my best subject so I really had to concentrate, and lost every ounce of energy and motivation to, you know, go outside.

I do only have me and my own klutzy brain to blame, here, as this could have easily been avoided, had I only bothered to sit down with my calendar and properly plan my working schedule.
I think many can relate to this, though.

So, who else is a total airhead?
We are pretty great no matter what. Do not feel bad.

At the same time, I have been popping pills for stress developed gastritis and pain killers for my wisdom tooth, which has been hurting so much I have not been able to even think. I finally went to the dentist and while the rest of my teeth looked good, thank god, my dentist just fell silent when he looked at that damn tooth, then breathed that it was the worst thing he had ever seen.

Anyway, the tooth is temoporarily filled and will be surgically (it had crooked roots and could not just be pulled out) removed in a week, the course is finally over now, and I somehow managed to get a B. I started laughing manically when my grade came in the mail. A B in science?! If my younger self, a sad emo crying into her chemistry book, could se me now. Sorry if this is bragging but I am really, really proud.

Remind me to never ever postpone things though, I am still exhausted and boy do I need some time off. I am finally starting to feel more energetic though, so let me stop the negativity right here!

So, what have I been up to, since the course ended?

Well, I have started playing games. Life Is Strange was amazing and now Beyond: Two Souls. I have spent time with dearly missed friends, cleaned my room and gone through all the crap my hoarder brain has forced me to keep. This weekend I spent the evening at lovely Isa's place and watched a really bad movie, today I went into town with my friend Lina, and now I am sitting here, officially not feeling very bitter at all.

I even managed to wear actual clothes today!
(I wore pajama pants out with this though but let us not discuss that.)

The light is awful this time of year. Thank you, Sweden. 
So no full outfit, but my coat is fluffy, which makes it completey okay.

I have done a little bit of shopping too... not everything at once, but here and there. 

A little bit of makeup, the Lumene foundation is highly recommended, and the 24 hour Maybelline tattoo eyeshadow is mind blowingly amazing. H&M's new makeup line is great, so I got two eyeshadows. Two lipsticks from Kicks, two from Viva la Diva, an eyeshadow primer from NYX, a white eyeliner from Isadora, a fine tip liquid eyeliner from Maybelline.

So is the coat from Monki!
I have not treated myself to a proper coat since I was 16, I am worth it.

The pictures are - due to, you guessed it, the light in Sweden - awful, but these are this week's purchases: a beanie (shaped like the top of a condom when I wear it, ironic considering my sexuality) from H&M, super hipster glasses from a place called Butterick's, and glitter and rhinestones from a local craft store, for makeup experiments.

I also bought a pair of zodiac/star sign print pajama pants, that I am using as regular tights. Because I can and they are awesome.

I am not quite sure as to why I wrote this post, or what the point is, but I started writing and I figured why not share? Even though this is all seemingly pointless.

I suppose I just wanted to update a little, write off the stress, after taking a social media break. I think we all need that sometimes!

Okay, now we have reached the end of this post.
Go hug someone you love and I will see you soon. I do have some outfits to post and other mindless rants as well, I believe! ♡


  1. Well done! You're right to be proud of yourself, science is freaking hard!

  2. Congrats on your science grade, Saga <3 In the name of myself and every other person who had serious trouble with the subject, I'm sending you a hug for making ot through the difficulties.
    Also, you look freaking amazing in that coat.

    1. Thank you hun ♥ Science is difficult...! Glad I'm not alone tho (and I hope you survived too)

  3. I missed to read about you ; ; I saw it on instagram and twitter but your are pretty perfect and I'm in love with your fluffy coat <3

  4. I think you have all rights to be proud of yourself for scoring so well in the science course!
    I always found science on the harder side, too. I still think it's fascinating n interesting & all that but it will never be my cup of tea.
    I can totally understand that it killed your motivation and everything, too... I get into hermit state when I am too stressed out, too and it actually annoys me more than anyone else, haha.
    Having to struggle with tooth-ache at the same rate would have killed me - seriously! So I hope removing the tooth will be lucky and it's finally over with all the struggle then.
    Further I'm happy to read that you were able to find your motivation again rather quickly, too and take your time to rest and everything (I fail to actually grant me this needed time and space most of the time xx).