Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday, work! Lots of pictures of hands in this post.

Today's been all about work, in different ways.
I cut my fingertip off for example.

Now that may sound very random and not very work-y, but let me just say I work in the cold-buffet kitchen at a confectioner's bakery/café-type place in Stockholm called Vetekatten ("the wheat cat", directly translated. It sounds cuter in Swedish). So I make buckets of sandwiches and cut vegetables, prepare toppings and peel potatoes, and so on. Bam, there you have it.

Knives. Knives, everywhere.

Being a klutz I shouldn't even be allowed in there, not kidding. I don't know why they let me. Apparently they think I'm good at it as well? Weird.

It wasn't really a knife though, it was one of those cutting boards with a knife in the middle, made to quickly make thin slices of onions, for example. Or my fingertip! There I was, innocently slicing some red onions for the salami brié sandwiches I was almost done with, only 15 minutes left of my shift, and the universe decided to punish me for no reason whatsoever. It barely hurt at all, but suddenly I was bleeding all over the place, and I don't want to go into detail but I could feel something "missing", which was not very pleasant. Luckily it was mostly the top of my nail that got ripped off, so I guess it won't show once it's healed. But it bled through 3 band-aids and surgery tape in 10 minutes, and it's actually still bleeding. It hurts a little now as well, which it didn't at first. Sigh. Oh well.

My finger will have to look fabulous like this for a while.

I'm only a little sad because it's on my right hand, which means I'm a little disabled at the moment, which in turn means I certainly won't be able to work again tomorrow morning, and it's really hard for me to craft away all over the apartment until my parents come home after the Easter break.

No, no complaining. I shall power through!

Maybe it'll feel better tomorrow, then I could change the... well, it's not really a band-aid anymore, is it? It's more of a big finger-wrap. Okay, once more; I could change the wrap and use something smaller, so I can keep working on headbands and print tanktops and all the fun stuff I want to put up in the store ♪

Here's a little sneak peek of what I've been playing around with so far;

That's my other hand in case that's not clear. Which it probably is. Okay, goodbye.

I made it for myself, but I think it turned out really cute, so I might make more for the shop!
What do you guys think? Should I?

I love the combination of long spikes and roses, can't help it. Sadly I haven't gotten my black roses yet, so I can't finish the headbands right away. But I figured I'll make them available for preorder while I wait for the roses to get here (it'll be 4 weeks, at most), because I don't want to wait with putting everything else up for display!

Since eyelashes were appreciated I bought in some of those, and I also have some transparent skeleton tights and a pair of those cute cat-ear knitted hats that have been very Harajuku-popular lately, if you know what I mean. Probably something else I'm forgetting. Oh! New inverted cross tanktops!

That's about it!
It's a lot of fun making things, and finding things. I'm kind of glad I started doing it. Or, well, very glad, actually. Being on leave from school and all, it's been a great way to keep myself active without getting all stressed and worked up - the exact opposite of what I'm supposed to get. Now that I'm feeling better, I'm enjoying it even more!

Speaking of which, lately I've finally felt like I'm ready to work a bit more, and I've actually been out applying for different jobs. Mostly summer jobs, since I could still use a few weeks just working weekends. I've been so down I don't think it's wise to just jump back up again without some hesitation.

Anyway. I already said today was all about work, didn't I?
I got called up and offered a job over the summer!

So I'll be working for the home association union - SKB - I live in myself. I'll even be working in my own area, mostly in my own damn neighborhood if I got it right. It's perfect and next time I go outside I'll kiss the ground, or something less yucky, because that's how thankful I am. Just. Yes.

I'm just going to enjoy this and try not to fear the next slap life will send straight to my butt. Maybe there won't even be a slap if I'm lucky! I sure hope so. I said it before and I'll say it again; no complaining.

It's almost spring, I got a job, have movies to watch and my favorite tea in the kitchen.

...Baby. Dance. Oooh-ooh. No seriously, Saga, stop it.

Enjoy your Friday as much as I will force myself to enjoy mine, whoever you are.
Hugs and kisses(人´∀`*)



  1. Those bracelets are gorgeous! I hope your finger heals quickly! ♥

  2. sorry about your fingertip ;^; I just wanted to add that the bracelet is so great! *v* I love it! you should really make more! :D I am so happy that you are well right now <3

    1. Thank you sweetie ♥ I'll take your advice -hugs-

  3. Omg du jobbar på vetekatten! Går alltid dit om jag är i stockholm, kanske smygtittar på dig någon dag om jag lyckas vara där när du jobbar owo -inteallscreepy

    1. Hehe jaja det gör jag! Inte hela tiden dock, är i köket bakom nedre kassan och ser förjävlig ut på jobbet 8D Säg hej om du ser mig!

  4. What you told is very scary. I wish your finger healed so soon!

    1. I'm sorry :( It wasn't soooooo bad, it's healing! Thank you!

  5. Looks extremely painful! Hope it heals quickly ♥♥
    I'm exactly the same, i shouldn't be allowed near kitchen appliances whatsoever...
    The bracelet is super cute! I'd love to see more ^^


    1. It's all better now, with some proper doctor-help! It wasn't that much, luckily! But I'm glad I'm not the only one who shouldn't be allowed near kitchens, HEH! And thank you ♥ !