Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring cleaning

For once I'm not blogging in the middle of the night.

That's not what I wanted to say with this post, of course! That would be a highly unnecessary post, wouldn't it? No, I may be the queen of wordpooping, but I'm not that bad. Anyway.

The thing is, boys and girls, spring has finally reached Sweden.

Yes, it's true. I couldn't believe it myself at first. You see, winter in Sweden, is way worse than you think. The fact that Sweden is cold, is something everyone knows, but you don't understand just how cold it is and what happens because of that cold, unless you live here.

Exhibit A, you'd think SL (Stockholms public transport enterprise) would be prepared for the snow when it comes, since it's the same thing every year, but no. When the first fluffy flakes of snow sail down peacefully from the sky... okay, now I lied. This is a more accurate way to describe it; When the whole country is suddenly swallowed by darkness and the sky opens up with a roar, sending bombs of cold ice and pain down on the poor people, it's like SL has never seen snow before.

"What the hell is that?! Our trains aren't prepared for this! We live in Sweden, we didn't expect this! It has never happened before!"

Yes, except for last year. And the year before. And the year before.
Oh, and the three hundred years before that as well.

Good job, SL, good job.

So the point is, you can't get anywhere. Trains and busses are 20 minutes - 2 hours late, if they come at all. Meeting up with friends is no picknick between October/November and April. Which leads me to;

Exhibit B, it never ends. I remember 2011, it was October 22, two days before my birthday. That's when the first snow fell. I literally stopped in the middle of the street and started to scream that I hated everything and it was not okay that it would be snow on my birthday. Winter on my birthday. Completely ridiculous. Oh, and I was with two friends by the way, so me screaming in the middle of the street was not very embarrassing, just a little. That winter lasted until the end of April. I was not a happy camper.

Which again brings me to Exhibit C, everyone is miserable for at least six months. Everyone. Imagine living in a country where everyone looks like they're about to die, or throw rocks at you. Welcome to Sweden, winter version.

Exhibit D, want to wear makeup? No. You don't. Trust me. Wind, ice, hello mascara-tears.

Exhibit E, put your ugliest boots on. I wore platforms this winter. I still have bruises. Seriously, you need boots. Grandmas and grandpas don't break their hips every two seconds because of nothing. You go outside, you will fall down.

Exhibit F, the snow goes up to your waist in some places. Yummy.

I don't think I need to say more, you're probably both bored and convinced by now.
I will torture you no more!

Have a lovely picture of me in one of my charming inside winter outfits instead, to end this rant; 

Oh, I slept in that outfit too at the family's vacationhouse. Needless to say, I'm always overjoyed to the point of crying rivers of happiness when spring finally comes, this year no exception. That's another strange thing with Swedish seasons, they just jump on you when you least expect it. One day you're walking down the street and you realize that you don't need your jacket, when the day before you've worn seven layers of clothing. Just like that everything is forgiven and forgotten. Maybe that's why SL is never prepared for the next round, now that I think of it. Oh well.

I always go a little crazy when spring comes. Winter is my I-have-no-motivation-time, and spring is my all-the-choices-o-m-g-time. Step one is spring cleaning, bring in the freshness!

Some of you may have already noticed I changed the design of my blog a little, and yes, you guessed it; it's because it's spring. Not a major change, but I'm quite happy with it ♪

I took the time to design a new header, add buttons so it's easier to navigate in this hole which I fill with my thoughts, and designed a new banner for my sponsor PinkyParadise, as well as a banner for my store, Iro's Garden

Like I said, not a major change, but I'm glad it's easier to navigate! And the banners I made look much better with my theme than the pink PinkyParadise banner I had before. 

My tumblr blog got a bigger makeover! 

It looks so nice and clean now! Ignore my face there, let's focus on the fact that I html-ed the crap out of this sucker. Exactly the way I want it! Simple and clean. 

Me not having a life in middle school and spending my time html-ing pages for people on this community called BC Manga finally pays of. Instert embarrassed laughter. 


So that's why this post is titled spring cleaning! Starting new after a long winter. 

That bun you see there, the bun I have been panicking about because I've craved one since forever, is also a result of me killing off the last bits of winter. I'll get to that later though, since I fear a tutorial is on it's way. Maybe.

Yes. Tutorial or not, I will save it for later. Be afraid, be very afraid.
I really love that damn bun. I blame Aoi.

I don't have much else to say now, since I can't think of anything besides how stupid it was of me to print screen the blog I'm posting the picture on. Didn't think that through. I could remove it but I think it's safe to say damage has already been done.

Okay, now I shall torture you no more.
Lots of love to you all (if you're there?) ♥ !

P.S. Need to give a shoutout to the girl adorable Frilly met in Scotland. Anonymous girl, if you're reading this, I LOVE YOU. Goodbye. 


  1. Loving the new layouts!! I hate winter too. Is it that bad in Sweden? o.o woah I dont think I'd be able to live there. But Im so glad spring has come ^^

    1. It IS that bad! Haha, you usually just hear "it's cold in Sweden" but... truth is, it's not cold all years, but winters are LONG and HELL ON EARTH while the summers are really warm and lovely. So yes, winters are exactly like I described them!

      I'm glad too! Hope you have spring-feels too ♥

  2. It looks so cute!
    I am in love with your cute bun too. Aoooooi.

    1. Why thank yooou ♥ Damn Aoi. Been cursing myself for having short hair since the onion-times.

  3. Omg the last comment ;u; are you thinking abou Princess Peachie? ^^ Or my sister perhaps ;v;?
    And welcome to the land of eternal ice! *high fives* we icicles need to stick together >.<
    Last year we had 7 months of snow.... FREAKING 7 MONTHS!!! ;A; It litterary snowed until the first of June.... JUNE!!! >^< meeehhh....
    We won´t be seeing spring up here for a while =_=
    Today was acctually the first day I deared wearing something lighter than 1000 layers of cloth ;u; so I found it funny that you posted this today! ^^
    ... I figured it was to early though, but by the time I did so I was allready at school, so I just sat there and froze the whole day ;u;

    1. No no, I was talking about that girl with green hair who asked about the headband in the thrift shop, or what it was! I was like "wooaahhh" haha, I commented on the post ( ; w ; ) ♥ So cute.

      Yes neighbor, let's stick together! Ugh you live further up than I do, can't imagine snow until JUNE. I'd cry... But yeah, spring is almost here! I'm still in my warm jacket though AND SO SHOULD YOU BE! Not good freezing at schoooool ♥

    2. I realized you were talking about her a minute after I posted the comment XD haha... a bit ditzy today :P
      I am so sick of not being able to wear anything nice or cute though ;_; Can´t wait for spring... Can I just imigrate to your place for a couple of months? ;u; I will be really quiet, I promise! I can live under your bed and eat cookies and jelly hearts ;u;

    3. Haha no worries dear (^▽^) I'm also quite sick of it, I have no fashion inspiration over the winter... you should wait a few more weeks, until it's a liiiiiittle warmer, then come here! You don't have to live under my bed, we can drink tea and I can bake pecan brownies for you! ♥ ♪

  4. eep! please do a tutorial on the attractive bun of amazingness! I'm glad its finally spring in Sweden :D

    1. Haha omg, attractive bun, attractive onion, HAHA ♥ I probably will dear! Thankies.

  5. I always wonder how dafuq you northerners get dressed when you go outside in the middle of winter. I always thought your winter public transport never fucked up like ours does. What a disappointment to know they fail just like everywhere else.

    1. Well, if you're like me and like fashion that's usually not so warm... I'm afraid you're gonna have to live with the pain. I have this duvet-robe-like-thing that I wrap myself in under my parka, then a big scarf and woolen socks even if I am wearing platforms. Still cold = I rarely leave the house. But yeah our public transport sucks. It took an old classmate of mine 5 hours to get to school once. She came in five minutes before the day ended LOL. Then straight home again...

    2. Gefus why didn't she just give up midway? I would've. No, in fact I did, that day when the mountain road was closed because snow. Sigh. So much fail.

    3. Well she was stuck on the train so she had no choice! Then when it started moving she was just so pissed she went to school just to shove it down her own throat. Haha, I feel you! So many times I've just said "FUCK IT I'M NOT DOING THIS"

  6. Oh, in France too, spring is finally arrived. Last week. I think it was the longer winter i've ever seen in my country, so I almost cry when I'm thinking has your loooong winter. I hate when it's too cold. And I hate when it's too warm. So spring and autumn are my favorite season. :3
    Mugi (◕‿◕✿)

    1. Seems like spring waited longer than usual all over the world this year, eh? I hate cold too, I don't mind warmth that much! But I can see why they're your favorite seasons~♪ My favorite seasons are early summer and late summer, hehe. So, summer, pretty much!

  7. im in love with your hair ! <3

    1. Hehe, it's a wig~♥
      But my wig says thank you and is very flattered.

  8. The winter rant is hilarious! I've always wanted to go to Sweden but I can never stand the cold (even 16 degree celsius makes me want to throw myself into an oven waaahh) so I can't imagine how I'd turn out if I actually went to Sweden!

  9. ... I am impressed by that bun, that is a very nice bun. I like hair-buns. They're round.

    Anyway, what I meant to say before I was distracted was that I have never been able to pull off anything that might pass for a bun, so a tutorial would be greatly appreciated. ^^' Please post a tutorial!

  10. I fall in love with you and your style <3