Sunday, November 17, 2013

Meet my ohana ☆ Mahou no Monsters !

I've decided to let my eyebrows grow out.

Really not what this post is about at all, but you know, I've been without them for at least five years now, so it's a little bit huge for me and it deserves a very big mention. That said, moving on.

Let me introduce you to:
Insert some enthusiastic standing ovations right about here. 

It's the name we came up with for our group. In the beginning we thought of it like a gyaru circle, but for street fashion. Things changed a little bit as we planned though, but what the heck, it turned out a lot better. 

Hello, nice to meet you.

This is actually one of the best things that have happened to me in 2013. We've been talking about starting this project for almost a year, but we've all been too busy for different reasons, so it just didn't happen immediately. But a couple of weeks back, we decided to just go for it, and contact a convention, asking them if they could make some space for our first appearance as a group: A street fashion panel, with a Q & A at the end. 

That's sort of what this whole project is about - sharing and spreading our love for street fashion with people that are curious, and taking them to the dark or bright side, depending on what kind of fashion they like. 

Our panel, photoshoots, collaborations with clothing brands, clothes-swap picnics and other events are all things we have in mind, for the future. 

Can't tell you how nice it is to have this thing started. 

We actually contacted the convention just to have a reason to kick our own butts. I took it upon myself to design a logo and a tumblr page, several weeks back, and I if I could make a PowerPoint as well, since I just have a part time job and no school to get to yet. So I sort of named myself web captain iro. 

Of course I ended up spending several hours looking and saving and crying over pictures for the Visual Kei part of the presentation because, because. Otherwise I worked quite quickly. Anyway!

We all looked through it together, made some changes, and quickly put together a little picture to throw on tumblr. Done and ready for ConFusion! Our first panel was a great success, especially for being completely new and kind of announced and advertised last minute. And by that I mean literally like two days before. Not great planning on our part. We actually rehearsed just once, thirty minutes before getting on stage. My MacBook had 5% battery, Jözz was still in her bishounen Code Geass cosplay mode, Emilia was freaking out, squeaking that she wasn't going to go through with the panel and almost crying because thought she'd lost a bag with a Metamorphose necklace, Clara appeared out of nowhere and started hopping around in her underwear changing clothes, while I was killing my hand trying to write us all some notes to go with.

Thinking about it, it's actually kind of a miracle things turned out great, despite bad planning.

A lot of improvisation and adrenaline, always does the trick.

We were really happy to see so many people in the audience. I know we've all written this a million times, but thank you so much for coming. It meant a lot to us!

Have some love: 

Then next, just this Friday, we dragged the 156 pin badges Pastelbat has been sewing by hand for the past few months, homemade headbands and devil horns, some headbands I made, pretty much our combined bodyweight in stuff, basically, to the Japanloppis in Hallonbergen. 

Here's Jözz and just a small piece of all the crap we put on that table. Glorious.

Maybe not the same thing as the panel, no. But also a lot of fun! And insanely crowded. And loud. Most of all really, really warm.You know it's serious business when even I get warm enough to cry because I'm pretty much a walking ice cube, normally. 

Thank you for coming and saying hello - =͟͟͞͞ ( ꒪౪꒪)ฅ✧

We'll be sure to keep updating about where we'll go next. You can keep up with us on our tumblr riiiight about → here ! 

Now as usual, this post is getting kind of long, so just one more thing. I have to mention our mascot.
Let me quickly tell you the whole story behind it. As you may or may not know, I'm kind of a big fan of mr. Ramsay. Slightly obsessed with his different cooking shows and recipes and whatnot, which I apparently am not good at hiding. So, on my birthday, my girlfriend got me the best gift I have ever gotten; A golden frame with a picture of Gordon Ramsay with a halo and angelwings. 

Since my birthday was October 24 and we were leaving for the convention October 25, I kind of immediately decided that I'd start bringing this glorious creation with me on my future trips, and take pictures of him to document where I've been. When I showed him to the others, he just became our mascot in the matter of two seconds. 

He even matched the wallpapers in my hotelroom. Pretty neat. 
Thank you Nellie, you're a beautiful genius. ( ♥ ).

To wrap this up, these are my best friends ya'll. I'm so happy to have them in my life, and I have so much to thank them for. Doing this with them is really a source of happiness. So I'm looking forward to see what the future has to hold. I'm sure it will be awesome because they're awesome. 

Oh, the cheesiness. 

Goodnight / morning sugarpies! 
Over and out. 


  1. You're gonna have eyebrows! That's gonna be interesting!
    I love how you made the Ramsay picture your mascot. It's so you.
    All that Mahou no Monsters activity sounds so exciting it's making me wish I lived closer.

    then I remember we're meant to have a cold wave here next week and I go hahanothanksSweden.

    1. IKR I'm both scared and excited at the same time? Already have a bit of stubbles (is that the word?) up there, and I'm already quite amazed by how easy it is to draw them on.
      Ramsay is the king, sigh.

      WINTER IS COMING but you know what ENGLAND IS JUST AS BAD AS SWEDEN (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

      Shouldn't use such a happy emoji for that. We'll both die, glitter.

    2. LOL sorry but no, I'm in Dorset, not in Scotland, therefore my winter won't be nearly as bad as yours.
      Still, the dilemma between surviving the winter or looking pretty applies to me cos I can't possibly do both orz
      I don't even know if "stubble" could refer to anything other than a beard but I know what you mean XD
      Also what the hell dying with glitter is better than just dying boringly!


      I'm kind of pleased
      Welcome to my life

  2. woaah EYEBROWS. ヽ( ★ω★)ノ

    It would be so cool to see Mahou no Monsters! Maybe I'll come to Sweden someday to see you guys~ (or wait until you're able to come some of the finnish conventions. :D That would be awesome!)

    1. We were actually thinking of contacting DesuCon sometime in the future! (I hope that's the convention I thought of LOL not sure about the name because tired haha)... I'm glad you'd even like to see us! ♡

  3. I'd love to see Mahou no Monsters like in action and IRL...
    But there's no chance in sight, sadly... ;A;
    Eitherway I really look forward to your new activities and what will come next. :D

  4. Is it like a gyaru circle in the way that you can apply? Or are there only going to be you guys?