Thursday, January 9, 2014

H e l l o ♡ 2 0 1 4

B L A C K B U N N Y ♡ F L O W E R P I R A T E

Starting this brand new year by fully embracing my inner captain, because why not? 
All manly captains need an eyepatch to match their mighty beards.

Nah, not really. It sounds like I did this on purpose, I wish I did, but I didn't. I'm not clever at all, apparently. I actually didn't think about the fact that eyepatches can be considered pirate-y, until Dana tweeted "aye aye captain iro" and I immediately felt extremely stupid for not connecting the dots myself. I mean, "captain iro" is on at least three of my profiles here in the online world. I even invented it myself. How thick am I ? !

That aside, I wanted to try something new, this is the result, I'm very happy with it. 

I don't have anything useful to say with this post, I'm just in a sharing-mood, since I've felt quite boring and lost in terms of fashion lately. An eyepatch and some lace bunny ears did the trick, apparently. My new best friends! 

I've always wanted to try out wearing an eyepatch, since I've seen it around in both animes and mangas and on j-rockers and streetsnaps and... pretty much everywhere I've looked. It has always seemed like "the dot above the i" in my eyes, and now I know that it actually IS. 

Kind of weird thinking about what counts as fashion these days, huh.
Well, again. I like it. 

Wow I always feel really silly when I write about fashion related things? Which is strange considering I'm kind of a "fashion blogger" I guess? And now I'm writing everything I think. Good going, Saga, good going. Anyway! A lot has happened since last time, I've started studying, for example, but I'll save it for my upcoming post - a lil' tribute to 2013 (yes, lame, but it has to be done, I can't resist the temptation).

For now, let me just say that I have a feeling this year will be quite fabulously fabulous, and I can't wait to share it with y'all. Fighto! We'll do great. 

Happy new year (*´∀`*人*´∀`*)


  1. Let's carry on into 2014 happily and fashionably, ahaha.
    I think the eyepatch really suits you; it's a great touch on your personal aura.

  2. You look absolutely stunning! I love how the dark hair looks on you :>

  3. I LOVE EYEPATCHES AYYYEE AYYYEEEE CAPN. I need to get me a sparkly eyepatch and cover it in glitter.

  4. You look like a doll *o* I love the Black Bunny Pirate! <3

  5. I loveeee the eye patch!!
    I also think black hair looks the best on you.

  6. so cute ; u ; I love your outfits!
    and, where did you buy this eyepatch?

  7. you look awesome:3 I especially like the first pic witht he bunny ears♥

  8. Absolutely love your style! Also a fan of An Cafe as well ^^

  9. Lovely photographs <3