Tuesday, December 1, 2015

F A R ★ S T A R : Feat. Gandalfkorv

Two posts in one day? Say what? 
(No I did not fall and hit my head, creativity just attacked and that is nice!)

This right here is a flyer for a brand called FAR★STAR, featuring my stylish buddy Lina.
Guess who is the proud photographer?

Yours truly. This intro would not make a lot of sense otherwise.

Anyhow, FAR★STAR asked Lina to model their clothes and take some pictures they could use for their flyers. Knowing I have a DSLR camera, she asked me for help, and so we fought the Swedish summer heat - believe it or not, it does get really freaking hot in the summer, before the polar bears take over - and walked around for hours, looking for good, clean backgrounds and taking an endless amount of pictures.

This human can really pull off anything,
and I have all these rather great pictures on my laptop. 
Seems silly not to post them anywhere, right? 

So here goes: 


First some white and black (as you can obviously see)...

 And then some black and white. ~

Looks great, right? I cannot believe I have not used this lens before. 
They turned out so Sharp and Vibrant.

+ 10/10 on these designs, man.

I really do love taking fashion pictures of friends and other people, but for some reason I rarely do. This was heaps of fun, despite the heat and my boiling wig hidden head. I want to have a photoshoot with more people. 

A Hunger Games Capitol fashion photoshoot would be so epic, right? On some sort of urban or more city-like location. I know many people who have pulled off amazing looks for the premieres, or just in general been inspired by it. I have to pester my friends and convince them to join. (If any of you are reading this, by any chance, hit me up okay! This kind of applies to the rest of you as well. ♡)

Okay, time to sort out my life and log out.
It is 03:00 in the morning here and I know I am exhausted, I just simply do not feel it. I am 21 years old now. I am getting too old for these teenage habits. Dear Lord.

Goodnight darlings. ♡ U da bomb.


  1. The photos turned out great and your friend looks so good in those clothes! :D

  2. Clothes are really cool and photos too!
    Really good job <3