Wednesday, December 23, 2015

r e v i e w ♡ Y.R.U shoes Qozmo Sky + Qozmo Hi platforms

You have no idea how truly, madly, deeply I wish this right here was a positive review. Partly because prior to finding YRU, which I did fashionably late (pun intended), looking for the perfect pair of platforms seemed completely impossible. And partly because this is the first time I have actually spent a bigger amount of money on a pair of shoes, and it would of course have been nice to get my money's worth. I certainly, did not.

Again, I wish this was a positive review, as those are much nicer to read, but it is not. And that is exactly why I am writing it.
Red flag, amigos!

I bought two pairs of YRU shoes, both from the Qozmo family - a black pair of Qozmo Sky 6 inch platforms, and a white pair of Qozmo Hi 4 inch platforms. Let us start with the biggest disaster:


Looks neat, right?

Great, even. 6 inches of beauty. The design is definitely 9 out of 10, had they been less shiny, it would have been a 10, no question about it. This, however, is less neat. 

 Everything about the design and how great these shoes look becomes extremely irrelevant, when this happens after wearing them just three times.

Three. Times.

Stubborn as I am, I refused to let this stop me, so I grabbed a hammer and a fistful of nails and attacked. It worked, for a little while. The metal thingies used to keep the shoe laces in place fell off, but that did not exactly stop me from walking. I could wear them maybe five more times, before disaster struck again, and I fell on my face as I was getting off the bus.

For 100 USD, this is not okay, at all. For 50 USD this is not okay. 
For literally any amount of money, this is not okay, should not happen. 

Some of you might think "You probably weren't careful enough" or "The problem is probably you, not the shoes" and I understand your thinking, I wish you were right, because that would actually have been easier to accept. But the thing is, I was as careful as anyone could have possibly been with these, from the moment I got them. 

I only stumbled maybe once in them before they broke the first time, took the escalator instead of the stairs, did not run, or do anything that could have led to this. I, literally, just walked in them. 

I have super-glued them once again, now, and I have removed all the metal parts that kept falling off from the top, because I do not own a lot of shoes and I cannot afford another pair from another brand right now. Not a lot of options. I guess I am just too stubborn for my own good. The glue I used this time is a lot stronger, though, so hopefully I will be able to use them at least every now and then. 

The overall score, however, is a 1/10. 

And that is only because they look so damn good
and make my legs look just as damn good.

Q O Z M O / H I ( WHITE)

These, I cannot complain about as much. Fortunately?

They have actually kept it together almost all the way since I got them, early this summer, with two minor exceptions - the stitching by the shoelaces on the right shoe ripped, leaving a big hole, and the metal pieces are all loose, so they can spin around like tiny ballerinas.

When I was out and about in these the other day, I felt a strange pop, and a brief investigation revealed that it is time to bring out the super-glue again, before the small gap I spotted turns into what you saw on the pictures you saw higher up in this post. The shoelaces also got worn out very quickly

Overall score: 5/10

Worth it if you can get a big discount, and have super-glue within reach, 
in case of emergency.

Now, firstly,  I have contacted both Dolls Kill - the site I ordered from - and Y.R.U. about this, neither one have replied. You would think they could at least do that much. 

Secondly, I have read mixed reviews, as many positive as negative. Perhaps I am just one of the unlucky ones who ended up with a bad pair. Or, well, one really bad pair and one mediocre pair. Thing is, though, there should not be any pairs so poorly put together they break so badly and so quickly. This happening to one single person is bad enough. Especially not with that pricetag. Demonia platforms are supposed to be really nice, so if you are looking for platforms, check them out instead. 

In conclusion, Y.R.U shoes; not recommended. 

Well, posting something so gloomy the day before Christmas seems a bit weird, am I right? Very out of place. Hm.

Do not treat yo' self to these this Christmas. 
There, now it is at least Christmas themed. 

Happy holidays everyone! I wish you all the best, you deserve it. 
Lots and lots of love. (´∇ノ`*)ノ


  1. So sad this continues happening with brand shoes. I bought a pair of t.u.k creepers and happened the same ヽ(´o`;Thanks for your review!

    1. Yeah it really sucks! Sometimes knock-offs are so much better quality-wise, sigh. It's so bad when these brands do it too because their customers are mainly young people who don't have THAT much to spend...

  2. OMG and I was dying to buy one pair, the price is not worth at all, sucj a dissappoint :(

    1. Yeah don't unless you can find them on sale somewhere... Maybe the Qozmo lowered ones are better, but these... nooo. At least the white ones have been okay for a while longer, but I'd definitely go with another brand. / _ ;

  3. While writing bad reviews isn't a fun thing to do I'm really glad you did as I really wanted a black pair. Definitely not worth the money ): I might find a pair of replicas online, from my experience 9/10 doesn't fall apart like that

  4. Such disappointment! It's hard to find nice tall platform shoes in unique designs

  5. Oj jag som tänkte spara pengar till dessa, bra att du skrev om dem!
    De är ju så fina speciellt de vita, men så fel av märket att de svarta gick sönder sådär jkla fort?!

  6. Every pair of YRUs I've purchased (3 pairs now) have had the same issues as you've listed above. I'm not sure if it's just the nature of high platforms but I'm leaning toward that they are just cheaply made. As cute as their collections are I just can't bring myself to risk it again with their brand. I'm tempted to give the Buffalo brand a try but that's a much more expensive risk...

  7. ... holy shit.
    i was toying with the idea of buying some, one day i managed to save a bunch of money but after seeing this i am positive i am not going to risk it and buy it.
    it's kind of intolerable how such expensive shoes can rip apart as easily and fast as they did to you.

  8. I didn't read YRU reviews until this, but I loved their designs because are perfect! But omg this quality is not comparable with their expensive prices, I can't believe...
    It's a pity for you dear, but thank you for this review and tell the truth.

  9. Oh no! I had a pair of the white ones before selling them after one use. It's such a shame that a company like YRU and Dolls Kill would feel okay selling such a cheap product for such an expensive price.
    I just ordered some new YRU shoes from Dolls Kill and the quality is definitely not worth the price of $120, even with the "vegan leather".
    I'm so sorry about your inconvenience, I hope you can work it out!

    ☆☆Kiana Bee☆☆